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actually it is possible. when you are being uploaded to beam down... you could have can still live a few seconds....
p.s if you take ST lore fact per fact...than thats wrong.

I'm confused... are you agreeing or disagreeing with me that the transporter isn't simply a glorified cloning machine?

You see...the problem with Star Trek is that it tries to display a positive and happy side to technological advances. Take for instance teleporting and beaming, It tries to comfort the viewer...and give them positive thoughts...and the viewers in turn try to believe in such will still be living even in energy form. I don't claim to be an expert in such things...but it is dreadfully obvious when someone is being transformed into energy...that something is happening to that person...and it doesn't involve living. Bad Karma mentioned that Riker "split" his soul in that TNG episode. Upon furthur thinking...he would've been literally split in half...perhaps...half a brain....half a heart. The matter which composed both Rikers would've been cut in half...he would've been considerably and noticeably alot weaker if such a person could actually survive such travesty. Therefore the transporter must draw from some other source correct? Other material perhaps? Anyways...this is just my opinion...don't let it affect your "positive" and "gleeful" look on the Star Trek universe  :bored:

The Riker (x2) incident doesn't apply here. So long as the pattern is intact then the tarnsporter can use any enrgy available to transmute into matter. If I recall, the reason there were two Rikers was due to the heavily ionized atmosphere of the planet he was on. Ions = energy.

That was exactly my point. The two Rikers believed themselves to be the original. They both had no awareness of each other. Therefore they had to just be duplicates. And IF the energy that was used to form them WAS not part of the original energy, that would mean that energy itself is pretty much a clean slate. And if they could use external energy, that would mean the original energy from the original body was actually just the same as any other energy that could be used to duplicate their bodies.


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Hi guys,

First of all, let me say that I'm new to this site but already enjoying it :D . I'm a science teacher by profession, so maybe I can shed some light on the subject.
The transporter process involves three key steps: (1) the conversion of matter to energy,(2) the transportation of that energy to a specific destination, and(3) the rematerialization of that energy into matter. If you read Michael Crichton's novel Timeline, time travel is achieved through quantum physics, which upon closer inspection sounds a lot like transporter technology(The book even mentions that the original is destroyed during transport and replaced by a copy). However, I personally believe that transporter technology can be much simpler than that. For example, we've already accomplished steps one and three mentioned above! What I mean is that step one is accomplished through nuclear fission, which we've already achieved. Through nuclear fission we've taken matter (such as uranium, plutonium, and einsteinium) and broken it into energy, with the freed atoms and electrons (known as radiation) still present. We have also accomplished step three through fusion, in which we can take two free atoms (hydrogen and helium, for example), and combine them to form an isotope (deuterium). I sincerely believe that a more refined way of fission could someday involve molecules of material objects into free atoms, and I predict a more efficient technique of fusion will involve fusing atoms of various elements to form molecules, and from forming molecules to forming matter. Of course today's steps are crude, inefficient, and dangerous by 23rd century standards,but they are nevertheless the first steps. One of the interesting parodies of science and technology is that crude, inefficient technologies have a funny way of becoming more precise and efficient over time. So give it time. We may possibly say "Beam me up" for real, someday ! :cool:

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