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You heard about the ship for realism


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Report this Mar. 21 2004, 12:34 am

Many of you read the post for the U.S.S. Hamilton, and it being a ship of realism. No special ship, only a special crew was its motto.
Many of you applied too, which was better than I had dreamed but brought unexpected problems. There were multiple applicants for positions and I had to turn some down.
Not anymore.
Under the command of Vice Admiral Horatio Nelson, Typhon Fleet has been launched with the Hamilton as her flagship. Right now specifics of the fleet have not yet been pounded down, and will be decided by Typhon Fleet's COs, so if you want a say now is the time to sign up!
This fleet carries on the rule of realism the Hamilton has (otherwise I wouldn't be in it).
If you are interested in being CO (must have at least 1 year sim experience) or XO (at least 6 months) of one of our sims (PBeM, Chat, or Message Board) or if you have a simulation that you would like to sign up, email me at
Sims that are thought unrealistic by Typhon Fleet command will be rejected. Remember, no special ships, only special crews. Thanks for your time!

Rear Admiral James Hoffman
Fleet Executive Officer
Typhon Fleet Command

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