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Picard's Flute


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Hi All!

I'm sure you remember the flute Picard has from The Inner Lite. In the story, it's a "Ressikan Flute". Now, since I can somehow not find any "Ressikan" flutes in the local music store: does somebody know what culture these things come from IRL? It could as well have been exclusively built for StarTrek, but I somehow doubt it.

(Background: we're doing a theatre play and I'm a character that needs to have a small flute, i.e. something that can fit in a pocket and sound a little like your typical nomad-from-the-desert flute).

Thanks a million for any information you might have!

- Raphael


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as for that flute take a look at and click on the store link. on that site there are official replicas from star trek for sale, and yes among them is ressikan flute. the only and biggest problem is that it costs more that 1300 dolars. pretty much isnt it? i also play flute and of course i would like to one that one but the price is too much for me. if you want to buy flute that looks simmilar to ressikan flute than pay a litle visit to they sell irish flute that costs around 20$ and its simmilar to ressikan flute! i hope that i was able to help you! cheers


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In the TNG DVD special features section it has an interview with Jay Chattaway or the other composer and he talks about where it was modeled off a simple penny flute that costs only a few dollars.  But if you want a replica then the $1,300 plus sounds more like it.

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