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Disruptors & Phasers


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In the episode with the Pegasus, you could clearly see that the cave entrance had been melted, it was still glowing and had all melted together to seal it, if it was just fallen rocks then they would eventually bounce arround until the cave entrance clears, its not like a cave in when gravity is about

I find it hard to believe that spock doesnt know about disruptors, with all his experience, what he said could only have been a warning to seyla to not try anything


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bad_karma, you're supposed to be on my side - not poking holes in my analysis. :O


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Sorry :(

Anyway, that just shows that the shipbourne ones can have their power altered to be used like a tool, the small ones may not be, but still the spock thing


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:P:P:P on my god.. ppl really don't know anything...:P :p :p :P:P

disruptor and phaser are working on different principles
phaser (as i posted god knows how many times) stands for PHASed Energy Rectification
and disruptor use a similar but different method...(detail is clasified...) i think disruptor is much closer to partical weapon than phasers..

and only Varon-T disruptor is outlawed in fed...

phaser use Nadion as a medium to carry strong nuclear force...
and disruptors just particle weaopn(phasers are more advance, but the technology is not mature enough so its power is restricted by the crystal fed use to generate Naion...)
as for the romulans.. they are using phaser pulse(y u guys call it disruptors.. i have no idea)... and its power is roughly 20 times greater than federation type X phaser array...
fed type X phaser generate about 1.02 GW , romulan phaser pulse has 20 GW capebility...

and please do not mistaken "phaser pulse" for "pulse phaser", the latter used on defiant class ship...

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