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Powers of Ten


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Powers of Ten

If you never seen the mini-film "Powers of Ten," then you should check this link out. It really gives you some perspective on how big the universe really is. Enjoy!

Master Q


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thanx for posting this link Master Q,
this film is on of those things that are beautiful and scary in the same time. it really makes you to think! when you look from this perspective all our problems are irrevelant. It makes you to think about life and everything we do here on earth.From an early age I was amazed with space, its vastnes and beauty. I used to and I still do spend many hours watching the stars and dreaming what is out there (one of many reasons why i like star trek). I was fascinated with a possibility that someone else far away in space looks at the stars and asks the same question. Space is mysterious and without any doubt our future is up there.
If we are alone in this vast space, than every life form on this planet is unique and valuable. Life of every human is valuable. If we are one of many civilizations then, we are not alone anymore but we are still unique and special. In bothways there should be a strong bond between every human beign.
I hope that someday everyone will understand this.



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"Powers of Ten" was always one of my favorites. It's amazing to see the scale of everything. You can listen to Starbucks Intellectuals talk on and on about how insignificant we are, but you haven't seen anything yet...

Sadly, I can never find it anywhere.


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Talking on Powers of 10, ever noticed the shape of 10. When made in cubes? The configuration is galaxy shape or tetrahedral shape.

Galaxy shape
A circle of eight cubes with two cubes layered in the middle.

Tetrahedral shape
Three layers made of 1, 3, 6 cubes configure a 3 tetrahedron shape.

When the size of the tetrahedron shape is increased there is a direct proportional link with the number of cubes in the layered square configuration.

I think it begs the question, is the universe a doughnut shape or a 10 shape?


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