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"Relics" Question


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In the TNG episode, "Relics," Scotty goes to the Holodeck and asks the computer to show him the Enterprise bridge. After he tells the computer "N-C-C-1-7-0-1. No bloody A, B, C, or D," the computer shows him the old TOS bridge.

But how did the computer know how to show THAT bridge?

In the first movie, the bridge is completely different in terms of colors and a few things are switched around, yet it is still the original NCC-1701. (Remember Kirk gets demoted and receives command of the Enterprise-A in ST:IV.)

Scientifically speaking, how does the computer know which bridge to show?


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Maybe it just chose at random.


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The reason the computer know what to show, is because Scotty specifically told it what he wants. its right there in his own words.

As for the difference in the Movie, thats because it was refitted in the 1st movie, so the one in "The Motion Picture" will be different with the "TOS" series.



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Yes. The computer made the logical assumption that Scotty wanted the original bridge, not A, B, C, or D, and therefore the computer assumed not the NCC-1701 (REFIT), either.

Now, does Pike’s bridge look the same??? There’s a similar problem! April and Pike both had the 1701.

And, of equal importance, can you tell me please how many angel can dance on the head of a pin?


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Good point! I just watched that one! You would think that Scotty would have to say a year or something or "pre-redesign". If you asked the Holodeck to show you Paris it could show you France or Paris, Texas or hell even Tom Paris!!!!!


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Perhaps it is the holo-image of the bridge from when the ship was first commissioned. Perhaps they never recorded (at least holographically) what the bridge looked like after the reset (prior to the first 2 movies).


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I think it’s possible that the computor could have calculated what he meant.
24:th century computers are way faster than ours, capable of several TRILLIONS of calculations per NANOsecond. So the computer could very well have calculated who he was from voice patterns, checked his previous history with the Enterprise, judge his emotional state, done projections of reactions, compared his service on the ships in question, and choosen the one that suited best based on these and several trillion other calculations.


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It doesn’t, but the producers wanted to evoke emotion on the part of the viewers. This is what is called a continuity error.
We as fans should just overlook them occasionally and go with the flow of emotion. Illogical yes, but effective TV. I know I had a bit of an emotional reaction when the door opened to that bridge.

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