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"Relativity" problems... there are a lot of them...


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Report this Oct. 14 2003, 9:28 pm

I can’t even begin to say all the problems with "Relativity"!

First of all, why is Braxton and his crew so frantic about getting Seven of Nine back to the future, and always talking to her like she’s in the same time as they are? They have all the time in the world! They could wait a millenium, because history is history! That would be enough time to read a history book and see weather or not Seven of Nine escaped on her own!
Second, I realize in the DS9 episode "The Visitor", which was BY FAR the best DS9 episode of all time, it was a different future. But Bashir said that the 2 Dimensional display pannels were really out of date on the Defiant. Dosn’t that signify that they have holographic display panels?
Then why dosn’t the Relativity?
There are more problems, but I’l just leave them alone. It is Star Trek by the way, and I LOVE Star Trek!


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People have pointed out that even Enterprise (the current series, I mean, the prequel set in 2150) ought to have 3D displays. But they aren’t going to, for the obvious reason that it costs too much to produce the special effects for more than a few seconds a show. Therefore, not even TNG has them, and if they ever make a series set 100 years after TNG, they won’t have them either (I predict).

Now, a MOVIE might have 3D displays. But movies are on a whole different budgeting system. *sigh*


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In the crew of Relativity’s point of view, its like meeting anyone at anytime.

Like Q said, time isn’t as linear as we think, the 29th century humans may have figured this out. So no matter what time that 7 is, its still the same to them.

What do you mean by escape? In that episode, theres no sign of she escaping anything. unless you’re refering to the time she got caught by Janeway in 2371.

The reason they can’t just look up in a book, is because whenever they are doing a time mission, they are out of temporal sinc, nothing they currently do won’t turn up in the books, they have to complete it first, head back to whatever time & check the results.

not sure about the panels, but what makes you think they don’t have them?

like u, problems or not, it matters not to me too. unless its a 100% crazy problem.



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i think that although you say that they have all the time int he world to sort the problem, they could not waste all their time, surely their are other incursions that have to be fixed and kept on top of, time is passing normally on their side and because they can talk to her they must be in a synced time orbit(my term) so time passes for both the same, so lets face it they do not want to be stuck on the same job for years using all their time,

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