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Where No One Has Gone Before (WNOHGB) is a Star Trek-based MOO (Multiple-User Domain, Object Oriented) created back in 1998 and continuing strong to this day. WNO is a text-based immersive environment set in an alternate timeline. This timeline is based on the question "What if the Enterprise failed against the Borg?" (TNG, ’Best of Both Worlds’) And from that basic timeline change, a whole new universe was born. It is now almost 20 years since the Borg War ended

With a few hundred regular players, extensive character generation, coded skill system, realistic military structure and application, and over 20,000 rooms among hundreds of space objects (ships, stations, planets, stars), you can truly get INTO the universe. Be in Starfleet, stay a civilian, join the Rihannsu (Romulan) military or be a bounty hunter. There are plenty of opportunities within this universe!

And of course, all Paramount trademarks apply and are used within the game with permission.

You can find WNOHGB at address:, Port: 1701.
Or telnet to us at telnet://
(If above does not work, try IP:, Port: 1701, or telnet://

Where No One Has Gone Before MOO
The main website where you can get the basic information on the game. (Currently down for maintenance)

WNOHGB Starfleet / Informational Site
Roleplay logs, ship stats, rosters, and fun stuff, all thrown into one page. (Site is UP!)

For a glimpse into the universe of the game, try this fanfic written about the Borg War:

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