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21 light years to Kronos?


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I have just worked this out on the Ten-Foward board in answer to a question but I thought I would post it on the Enterprise and Science boards to see if I get any feed back.

"I am not an expert on this but Kronos always seemed a fair way to go during TNG and later which even at much higher warp speeds took some time. Also you have to look at current star charts as well, for example Kronos would have to be closer than Alpha-Centuri for the NX-01 to make it in 4 days even at maximum warp. I would suspect that a more accurate statement by Archer would have been 4 months there and 4 months back, at warp 4. Warp 4 is supposed to be around 64 times light speed so that would mean Kronos would be about 21 light years from Earth - a more reasonable figure.

If Kronos was around 21 light years (210 trillion km aprox) from Earth, Enterprise NX-01 would take about 4 months to get there, the Enterprise 1701 about 2 months cruising at Warp 5. Under the TNG warpscale it would take the 1701-D only 19 days cruising at warp 6. If the 1701-E really pushed at maximum warp (9.99) she could do the trip in just under 23 1/2 hours. Thus you see it all fits rather nicely that it is around 21 light years away, and thus 4 MONTHS (rather than 4 DAYS) trip for the NX-01.

Earlier Earth vessels would have been hard pressed to make the journey in under 2 years at warp 2 or 21 years of course at warp 1. Thus again it fits that Enterprise is one of the first ships to encounter the Klingons in space, and shows you just how much of a leap up the new warp engines are".

For more info on warp scales see:, go to ’sci-tech’ and then ’warpscales’".


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Kronos only 21 light years from earth?!?! That is silly. There aren’t even any stars that close to earth. Except for our sun!


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what are you on about it being closer than alpha centauri, the distance between our sun and alpha centauri is 4.5 light years or 26.5 trillion miles so 21 light years is far further away,


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Exactly Truescot, for Kronos to be only 4 DAYS away for the Enterprise NX-01 that would be stupid because it would be closer than alpha centauri but if it was 4 MONTH, 21 light years thats about right. In Startrek terms thats just over 1 sector away.


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Just looking at some star charts from today, and 12 ly is considered "near space". Interesting their is a Star called Wolf 359 7.7 light years from Earth, its visable in the N. Hem. Just goes to show that Star Trek takes its cue from real space.


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There are heaps of stars within a sphere with radius 21 ly.

Many are dwarfs and not very bright .... can’t be seen without a telescope .... but they are there.

The brightest star in the sky Sirius (actually a triple star) is well within 21 ly , and of cause alpha centuri and Proxima Centuri (the closest star to the sun are about 4 ly) are the more famous and well known.

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