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Report this Jul. 26 2003, 4:29 am

Hear ye Hear ye all rpg memebers... New and great things are coming to the RPG SFC.

SFC is bring in 2 new sites from the out side... This is working out very well and we are looking foward to the new members...

Here is a sample of our new pages... <<< Our new link exchange. <<< Our new Station, Valkyrie. (Very good.)

Have you ever had to prove to your friend that you new your trek? Well here’s your chance...

Our new certificates will show off your skills. <<< Our monthly Chronicles... bring yourself back up to speed... <<< Speaks for it’s self! <<< FDTF’s Officers launge, ewww aawww. <<< FDTF’s Triva ewww aaawww

AND wait there’s MORE!

Join today and keep your rank!!!!!! (Expect Admirals.)

VERY GOOD.... I hope you all enjoyed.

:D :D :D



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Report this Jul. 29 2003, 1:38 am

The quality of any site should not be judged by it’s appearence and or glamourous effects and ideas, Sure they are nice and all but when it comes down to it you need the people.

I think one thing you have forgotten is that the members make the site and it is their judgment of that site that counts.

I have looked at your site and yes it looks good and I wish you the best at it’s success, yet the site is how old? and how many member does it have? (on 4 entities) You don’t need huge to be BIG.

I noticed your cheap shots at the FDTF and totally disagree with them. You should never have to use another site or person as a compairasin to your own for publicity and recruitment.

Look at well established Trek RPG’s such as Bravo, Tango, or SSF. They are well established sites and have a nice amount of members to compliment them. While I have never simmed in them I have gone threw there sites and thourally enjoyed them.

I have no problems with checking out recruiting posts and new updates for sites, But lets get real. Barry the hatchet and swallow your pride man or you will find that the the galaxy is smaller than what you once thought it was, Espeacially when you are ultimatelly by your self. Stop building valhalla out of anger towards the FDTF and build it for the members or stop building it.

Maybe not the responce you were looking for.
Take that however you want to take it, tell yourself whatever you want to about this post and me the person behind it. But one day you will understand.

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