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how fast is warp 10 ?!


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I would like to know how in the last episode of tng in the future when admiral riker ordered the speed of warp 13 the writers of star trek couldn’t remember that episode. Because in a episode on voyageur tom paris broke the warp 10 threshold and he supposedly occupied every space in the universe. Take some more drugs Berman.


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the warp scale used in Enterprise and TOS is different to that used in TNG warp 13 may be on a completely new scale, where warp 100, or warp 20 is equal to the Warp 10 achieved by Tom paris.

It’s probably easier to say warp 13 rather than warp 9.99956824 which they may have achieved in the future timeline, on the old scale


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Wouldn’t it be easier still to just say maximum warp? I know the scale used on tos is different but the top speed of ncc-1701D is listed somewhere around warp 9.965.


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theres different ways of measuring the speed, its like our speed of light barrier, by creating a warp field you can travel over space at well above the speed of light but you are really traveling through subspace at less than the speed of light, so its kind of a bypass, its the same with warp speed, so you can travel faster than warp 10 relative to your position in subspace by bypassing laws of physics rather than breaking them, so if you travel at warp 10 like in voyager without bending the rules then you are everywhere at once, but if you do something to push the barrier further away you can reach what would be the equivelent of warp 13 in normal space


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Then how fast is transwarp, and slip-stream, (and then there is that wierd one that i cant spell that lets you travel through the rifts of space, co-axial warp or is it Quoaxial Warp)


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ok transwarp and slipstream have no theoretical top speed through space, they can be infinate like a wormhole, it just depends on the power given, in voyager’s slipstream i think it would work out at approximately warp 77 in scaled terms, second it is co-axial warp drive, as in it works on 2 axis acceleration rather than 1 i.e thrust that we are used to


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According to Star Trek Encyclopedia, transwarp is about twenty times the speed of maximum TNG warp of 9.6 or about 41.2 trillion km/hr.


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by technology standards we have a tendency to use terms that are most familar but are not necessarly true to term for example in our own century one of the first public ways to connect to the internet we used "Modems" which are also Modulator/Demodulators now today at an ever increasing rate we are using DSL and Cable which are FASTER forms of connection we hame grown used to calling the device used as a "DSL Modem" even though by technical terms it is actually a "DSL Bridge" now to get to the point by Warp Speed Standards during the course of the shows youve noticed that TOS and Enterprise have trouble sustaining high speeds for long periods of time but as you can see by TNG and Voyager the Warp Core is very much Improved. Voyager on one hand is capable of Sustaining Warp nine almost indefinatly simply because voyager was actually outfitted with 2 warp core the second of which was never shown. Being that Voyager is a Scout ship it was built for speed. Now as was said before in the last Episode they where traveling at Warp 13 this does not mean that they where actually under "Warp" Propulsion all it means is the term was most used and that its much easy to say goto warp 13 rather then bring the transwarp drive online and such.

here is a link that can further explain my reasoning


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well when riker ordered warp ten, they were in the future, so hence they could have found ways to break the transwarp bearier.


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Do I have to remind you that when the last episode of tng was made, it was centered around a temporal paradox made up BY THE Q CONTINUM!!!! With the Q, they are always up to their practical jokes, so little things were changed to suit the Q’s humour. Not everything is as it seems to those people.

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