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.3 great simms


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My simm is called Saratona Fleet


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Stardate 50415

Earth Date April 15, 2385

The original officers of Deep Space Nine have moved on to other assighnments and lifes. Miles O’Brien is now with the Starfleet Corp of Engineers. Dr. Julian Beshir and Ezri Dax are now married with two children. Currently they are on a Galaxy Class ship as Chief Medical Officer and Second Officer. Worf has returned to Starfleet, he now takes Starfleet Security and Tactical cadets on training missions. Nog is now serving on the USS Enterprise under Cheif Engineer Geordi La Forge. Kira is living on Bajor in Dahkur Province, helping to intergrate the Bajoran militia into Stafleet, an ongoing process. Odo has returned to Bajor to be with Kira, although he returns frequently to his homeworld in Gamma Quadrant. Jake Sisko is currently working on his writing on Bajor with Cassidy, his step-mother and brother. Captain Benjamin Sisko has not returned. Rom is still Grand Nagus, and Quark has moved back to Ferenginar to open up another bar, and is still trying to get his own moon.

Two years ago, not wanting anything to remind them of the Cardassian Occupation Deep Space Nine was gutted of all Starfleet equipment, and using its manuevering thrusters was taken a safe distance from the whole and destroyed.

A new starbase was built in its place - Starbase Saratona. Starbase Saratona although a manufactoring and support facility, only serves as a support facility at this time. Starbase Saratona is also the main trading facility for Bajor.

To join go to

Patriot Station is a Nor class station that has been refitted with Federation technology. To check out more information go to Patriot station is a part of Echo Fleet and is the main base for Alpha division. To join Alpha division aplly at

The USS Revolution is a wells class timeship in Gamma fleet. The Revolution has been destroyed but the crew is now in control of an enemy vessel we just captured.

To join go to the boards are down so we have temperary boards at

I hope you enjoy looking at these simms. They are all great.

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