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why cant i play on the holodeck sim?


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Report this Jun. 13 2003, 4:19 pm

can anyone help me? i have logged in and i cannot go on the holodeck sim and i dont know why. please reply if u have an answer.


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Report this Jun. 14 2003, 6:41 pm

Make sure that you have Java enabled on your browser.

What browser do you use?
What version of that browser?
Do you get any errors when you try and access the Holodeck?
Do you simply get a gray box with an "x" in the corner?

Some browsers come with Java, some don’t.
If you are running Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or higher, go to "Tools", and then to "Internet Options." Click the "Advanced" tab, and scroll down to the subtitle "Java". From there, make sure "Java Virtual Machine", or something similar to that, is enabled.

If it is, you might want to try clearing your cache.

Hope this helps!


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