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Star Trek: New Frontier


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"I’ll only bring her back if you..." Q stopped in surprise as Julie popped back into view. Everyone stared at her.
"How did you...?"
"Perhaps I can explain that."
We all jumped. A regal looking woman had appeared in front of the nav console and was looking hard at Q.
"Who are you?" I asked her.
"M." Q’s voice was filled with venom.
"That’s right, Q. The powers-that-be in the M Continuum have decided to extend ourselves to protect humanoids from your meddling in the grand scheme of things."
I looked at the two beings. "My ready room."

"So who are the M?" Jessen asked.
M leaned back in her chair. "The M are the exact opposite of the Q. We exist purely from the universal constant. A sort of anti-Q, if you will."
"So why bother me?" Q asked her. "Why not stay in your anti-continuum and MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS?"
"Because," continued M, her voice becoming strident, "you, you insufferable prig, are damaging the multiverse with your petty antics! I have been saddled with the task of keeping you in check." She glanced at Julie. "The Trill [host] has been imbued with the power of the M to assist as my deputy."
"Me?" Julie was understandably awed.
M shrugged. "Just don’t let it go to your head."

After the two superbeings had left, M dragging Q by the ear, it seemed, we returned to the Talaxian colony to prepare for the final leg of our journey back to the Alpha Quadrant. I spent most of the day in my ready room, filling out forms.
The door chimed. "Come in."
Verrix came in. I put down my padd and invited him to sit down.
"You said you wanted to talk to me about something?"


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"Don’t let it go to my head," I muttered thoughtfully, turning my hands every which way and gazing at them. They didn’t look any different. I didn’t feel any different. But then, when I popped myself out of the jail cell, I hadn’t felt any different as well.

"Only one way to find out. . ." I brought up the image of sickbay and snapped my fingers. Or tried to snap. I had just realized that I had gotten lucky before when I managed to snap myself out of jail. "Ok. I’ve got all the powers of an M, which is pretty much the same as a Q and I can’t snap."

"The M are not like the Q!" The M who had visited our ship’s voice came drifting from above.

"Sorry!" I yelled back, seeing the M in my mind and transferring my voice to her so she would hear me.
"Hey, that wasn’t so hard. . . and I didn’t have to snap!" I exclaimed.

"Well, of course not," M said disgustedly, appearing with a flick of her wrist. "That’s the way the Q do it. The M are much more sophisticated." She flicked her wrist again disappeared.

I raised my eyebrows at this quick appearance and disappearance. I was getting used to it pretty fast.
I once again thought of sickbay, flicked my wrist, and was there. I put my hands on my hips and rocked on my feet, pretty pleased with myself.

"Lieutenant!" Michael looked shocked. "You just appeared out of thin air!"

"Very good, Michael, I’ll have to give you a clean bill of heath for you eyesight. Is Mirenne here, or has she already gone off duty?"

"She’s gone, mentioning something about needing to sleep. But how did you-"

"It’s kind of a long and really boring story Michael, you really don’t want to hear it. See you later!" I said, brushing him off and appearing back in my quarters. That visit had been worth it, even if Mirenne wasn’t there. The look on Michael’s face was priceless.

There was a flash of light, and Q appeared, still in a Starfleet uniform. "Hello, Julie, how are you today?" he asked politely.

I looked him over and flicked my wrist. The uniform disappeared, and was replaced with an outfit that could have been worn by Tarzan. I snickered. "Much better now, thanks."

"Hump," was all he said, snapping into something else that wasn’t a uniform.

"Come on, Q, you can’t be that shallow. We both know why you’re here."
"Well. . ." he said distractedly, frowning. His eyebrows went up, and he tilted his head as if to listen. "Have a nice day, Julie, if you’ll just excuse me. . ." he disappeared out of view.

Idly, I wondered where he had gone this time. Then slapping my forehead in disgust with myself, I simply waved my hand and disappeared as well, having just remembered that I had the powers of an M at my command.


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I rechecked all the ship’s systems and concluded that no damage had been sustained by Q’s unexpected appearance. If anything, the ship was actually running better than when I had left for the away mission. While no other officers were looking, I cast a glance to where Lieutenant Kay had been a moment ago.
[Baffled are you?] Ensign Halse suprised me.
[Reading my thoughts Ensign?]
[No sir....your expression.] he answered telepathically.
[If you had, you would realize that I am not baffled. Merely annoyed.] I replied. [Inform the Commander that I will be in engineering when she concludes her search for Julie.]
[Yes sir.]

"There you are," Rigby mumbled as I stepped into engineering.
I paused momentarily, trying to decide whether or not I should reply. "Don’t bother responding. Better hide, or have a good explination for why you’re late." Rigby continued under his breath.
"Ensign?" I asked.
"You’ll see," he quickly added as he abandoned the console and left the room.
"Can I assume that everyone is in good health?" Ito asked.
"A few bumps and bruises is all." It took a moment for me to realise that the night shift was begining for Ito was begining his rounds.
"computer, what time is it?" I asked.

I looked around at the night staff in engineering. Apparently I’d stayed on the bridge longer than I had realised.
"I should be leaving now," I walked out the door and hurried to the turbolift.
"You’d better," Ito called after me.

I was slightly confused as to what my engineers were trying to imply until I came inside my quarters and found Natalie reading one of my father’s logic books.
"I heard that everyone made it back alright." She stated from her seat in the corner.
"Yes," I replied.
"Imagine my relief that you weren’t in sickbay for once," I watched as she turned another page. "Brian seemed a little rattled, you’d think he’d lost hist best friend to a black sinkhole on that mission."
This is bad, I thought to myself.
"Kyra seemed to be fairing pretty well. I’m still waiting to hear from Julie. I guess I’ll have to wait til she gets done with Q. Oh well."
I suddenly felt guilty of a crime I was unaware I had committed.
Hesitantly, I sat down. "What did I do?"
"It’s what you didn’t. You could’ve sent me any type of message letting me know you were alright. You could’ve done something. Imagine my suprise when Brian came up to me asking if you had sustained any real injuries from your fall! I was at a loss for words. I didn’t know whether to be embarassed because of my lack of information, or mad that I wasn’t informed that you had been beamed onboard half an hour ago!" I watched as she flipped through a few pages.
"Mommy?" Saren poked her head into the room to see what was going on. I suddenly felt sick to my stomach for worrying her, even though I hadn’t intended to. Natalie didn’t even look over in her direction.
"I don’t need this stress Vol. I know we live on a starship and that by being starfleet personnel things are going to far from normal.....but I need to at least hear that you’re okay. I worry..." she lowered her voice as Saren hesitantly approached, looking on the verge of tears. "I don’t want to raise our daughter without a father." Natalie started crying. Then like a chain reaction, Saren followed. I stood to try to come closer to Natalie, but she threw the book onto the seat next to me and brought her knees up to her chest.
What was I supposed to do? What did she want me to do? Confused, I picked up Saren from her spot on the floor and carrie


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Confused, I picked up Saren from her spot on the floor and carried her to her bed.
"Why are you crying?" I asked as she hid her face in her pillow.
All I heard was a mumble.
"You and Mommy fight," she said between sobs.
"No," I whispered. "We weren’t fighting." I stroked her cheek.
"She yelled."
"She was just scared. I scared her at work. I didn’t mean to." I laid down beside her.
"No fight?" she asked.
"No." I answered.
"Say ur sorry." I waited til she had fallen asleep before I went back into the main room where Natalie still sat.
"I heard there was an increase in the energy in the atmosphere, we lose communications, and then borg show up..." she was on the verge of tears again. "If only you knew the worries that ran through my head. Everything from us dying and you being on that planet not knowing what happened to you becoming a drone yourself.....So help if I had the means, I think I would strangle Q!....but then again, I almost want to strangle you!" She started crying again. She let her knees down and I took it as a sign that I could approach her. "Part of me wants to slap some sense into you and the other part wants to hold you anad not let you ever go on another away mission." I sat down and was suprised when she cuddled up to me. To say I was confused was an understatement. Where was Julie when I needed advice, or an interpretation of Natalie’s reaction? Not wanting her to cry anymore that night, I wrapped my arm around her and held her there til she fell asleep.


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’I have a blue print for a classic long range shuttle says Neelix to Verrix and Rick Johnson as the are drinking hot drinks in the mess hall......
’Oh what is it like,’ says Rick.
’It is hear on this pad’ says Neelix as he reaches into his jacket and turns on the pad and hands it to the young engineer.
’Fantastic it is The Delta Flyer I have heard of these shuttles an old design now, where did you get this,’ says Rick.
’Oh, Tom and Seven gave it me,I have kept it as I was going to build one myself but never got around to it,’ replies Neelix
’I have an idea, why don’t we asked Captain Rebel if we can build an updated beefed up version of The Flyer, it would be useful to have plus he may let Neelix set off for Earth as a scout vessel with a small crew,’ says Verrix.
’Fantastic idea,’ say Neelix.
’I agree I will make an appointment to see Capptain Rebel we can put our proposal too him lets hope he goes for it’, says Rick.
’I would love to ome with you Neelix I bet Jalix would too,’ says Verrix.
’I wonder if Rebel can spare me too,’ ponders Rick.
Rick swigs down his tea...... he stands up, ’Pardon me guys, but no time like this time, I will go and make an appointment’.
’Okay meet you in enginering in half an hour lets see what parts are in stock and which we can replicate of upgrade’...... says Verrix.


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’replicate or upgrade fantastic’ says Neelix

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