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Zero point energy


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Report this May. 08 2003, 1:16 am

I’ve been hearing the term zero point energy being thrown around as a kind of power production and am not sure as to what it is. Could somebody explain?


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I just googled it and found several pages.

seems to have what looks like an explanation, but after reading it I don’t feel any better informed. Sounds crankish to me, like a new version of perpetual motion.


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I watched a documentry a while ago and they mentioned zero point energy. They didnt really go into much, just something about that being a possible source of energy for a real warp drive. They claimed it was something to do with getting a huge amount of energy from anywhere.

Sorry its not an accurate describtion, I cant remember exactley what they said.


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I just flicked at markthom’s page, and it seems that its similar to solar power, only harnessing light at a different frequency, in this case, a very high frequency. The higher the frequency the more energy, sounds viable to me.


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ZPE is infinite energy from a "lower plane" that could be accessed anywhere to give infinite power.

However, it’s a metaphysics brainbug, so it’s not possible.

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