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1. Warp drive how dose it work......


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2. What is a ram scoop.

3. What is a busstard colletor.....

4. IS the blue light plasma burning....

5. What is te red area on the warp nasells.....


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1. Nobody knows. If we did, we’d be travelling at warp right now. Patrick Stewart once asked the writers how it worked and they said they didn’t know. He said, "Nonsense, you merely say ’engage’ and it works."

2 & 3. As I understand it, ram scoops and Bussard collectors work together. The ram scoops collect gases and such from space and they pass through the collectors. This is converted to fuel for the ship.

4. I think so.

5. The red area is the Bussard collector (I think.)


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interesting stuff.


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Buy the TNG Technical Manual. It explains in detail every thing you need to know.


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1. Warp drive involves covering the ship with layers of subspace. Because subspace is not dimensionally stable, one layer will pull the vessel at light speed. Pull up another layer and you’re going at warp 2, light speed times light speed. And so on.

2. It’s a colloquial expression for the front of a JCB digger. Maybe some people use it as slang for the Bussard Collectors.

3. Invented by one Henry Bussard, collects hydrogen molecules while flying through space, which are used to create the nuclear reaction which powers the Impulse drive.

4. The blue light is hot plasma pumped into the warp coils, the coils are what drag up the layers of subspace.

5. The Bussard Collectors.


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About warp drive. In an episode og TNG Q sugests changing the gravitatonal constant of the universe to solve a problem, and Laforge solves the problem using the warp-field in such a manner (although only changing it for an astroid).

Asuming sub-space is time-space, then curving time-space with a warpfield by changing the gravitational constant for the ship would make time pass more slowly on the ship, and make the journy faster in, say earth-time.

The one big problem is that time is relative in the real world, but not always so i star trek.


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What gul_pup stated was accurate, but here are some hopefully easy to understand details to explain further. I love getting into the theoritical and applicable side of these concepts and will try to elaborate just a little to see if it can be visualized more easily.

1. Warp drive is esentially a super high powered electro-magnet. Yes, much like in a car’s alternator, or if you wrap a copper coil around a nail and connect a battery to it. There is a controlled explosion of matter and anti-matter (these are the actual fuels) which produces a chain-reaction that releases over 99% of all electrons within the substances. Considering our technology, the best trituim infused nuclear bombs (>500 megatons, or 500 Hiroshimas) release somewhere around 5-8% of the electrons, you can imagine what kind of energy we’re talking about. Star Trek engineers reference what they play with on a daily basis in giga-joules.

Of course all electricity is essentially are free-electrons moving from one substance to another. ST uses "plasma conduits" which are essentially electromagnetic tubes (force-fields, as will be used in modern day fusion reactors) that contain this tremendous amount of energy (pure plasma) throughout the points of use within the ship (phasers, transporters, warp nacelles, etc.)

The nacelles are then manufactured with a specifc shape, structure, and custum alloys to basically transfer this tremendous amount of electricity into a magnetic field "bubble" around the ship (a nail wrapped with a coil). Through manipulation of the characistics of the shape of the inards of the nacelle, these "bubbles" are arranged to "roll" around the ship in a certain direction. This is why a starship can’t turn on a dime or just reverse direction in a snap without causing some sort of serious break-down. The control mechanisms inside the nacelles for shaping these bubbles are different from ship design to ship design and from race to race. The Klingon D7 Battlecruiser can roughly turn twice as fast as the Federation Constituion class Heavy Cruiser (the Enterprise in Kirk’s time).

There are demonstrations of this concept at various science shows. You can see small balls rolling around over any surface, or even mock UFO’s flying overhead with no strings attached. But of course they only fly for just a few seconds, takes alot of batteries to keep them defying gravity for too long. The current limitation with today’s technology to achieve warp drive is structural integrity (the ability to withstand the sudden forces of moving at close to the speed of light) and control of the tremendous amounts of energies it takes to create a magnetic field greater than that of a planet. But it’s not too far away. We really only need to the commercial drive to do it.

2 & 3. gul_pup answered significantly. They are part of an energy conservation effort by StarFleet. Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe, so why not pick up some extra tons of it while warping around. It’s actually kind of insignificant the amount they are able to collect compared to how much is used for impulse reaction propellant. It’s kind of like how California enforces automobile manufactures to add extra weight, expense, and engine degredation with additional smog control equipment. It’s a nice sentament, but it’s really very insignifcant since all of mankind’s pollution on the planet consists of less than 3% of all airborne pollutants in the atmosphere. They really should think about putting scrubbers on volcanoes and those big fault lines that are the real global polluters. ;)

4. Yes, the blue light is plasma. Shake out a wool blanket in pitch dark and you can see blue lights illuminate underneath. That is static electricity. Plasma normally has no color (it is pure electrons, pure electricity, 4th state of matter) but color is

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