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Star Trek - Star Wars Crossover


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Report this Feb. 26 2003, 3:41 pm

Why do some of our fellow Trekkies and Trekkers continue to insist that there be a ST-SW crossover? First of all, the two franchises are owned by two completely different companies. Second, the episodes of the two franchises typically have totally different themes. ST envisions humanity taking strides to better itself; SW is just an intergalactic adventure/romance for kicks. Third, under what circumstances would they meet? Would the Enterprise make first contact with the Ewoks? Would Worf and Chewbacca fight to the death? Would the Borg assimilate the Death Star? About every scenario sounds utterly ridiculous!

If the writers of Trek ever submit to the pressures of such a crossover (though I think they have sense enough not to), I would start petitioning right outside the Paramount Lot!

What Trek fan cannot see my logic???


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That would be why there is an unspoken ban on such topics.

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