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Report this Feb. 26 2003, 3:14 pm

Hi to all,
Feel the need to express your Star Trek fantasies? Visions? or just fancy a good ’ol RPG then the place to be is the Unique USS Farscape part of Bravo fleets Tactical Group 192.
Bravo Fleet has won numerous awards and you can watch all of the action as it unwinds, better still you can be part of it!
You need no simming experience but if ya do have simming experience come along too... We’ve not yet begun the mission giving you time to character build, work on your character relations and wait for some more eager simmers to arrive.
If you’d like to join go to: and when you get to the requesting ship part choose USS FARSCAPE (Galaxy). Then I will quickly review and you can become part of an epic journey!
Boldy going where no simm/rpg has gone before!

Captain R James

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