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The number 137 is regarded by many asthe most mysterious and mystical number. Why? It not only is digital combination of three already mysterious numbers (1, 3, and 7) but it has a more practical mysteriousness to it. This has to do with quantum physics.

This site is an informative and excellent description of it and its history:

The short and simple is it is mysterious because its derivation has the roots of numerous sciences inside. It is also unitless - meaning no matter what units you use (metric, english, made up) you will always get 137!!!

Interesting places 137 pops up in:

Age of the universe:
13.7 billion years

The room in which the great physicist Wolfgang Pauli died:
room 137

The main source of ground radiation:

If you can think of any more be sure to tell me!


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According to the Penguin Dictionary of Curious and Interesting Numbers, "all sufficiently large numbers are the sum of at most 137 seventh powers."


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Great website. The universe is so mysterious, maybe I’ll stick a 137 on my wall.


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The age of the universe is undetermined and cannot be nailed down to within a few billion years. When the universe was apparently born, space and time were in a rapidly changing state and may still warping or stretching as we speak.

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