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worrying thing about star trek


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I admit that calling someone a bigot is inflammatory, and unwarranted. However, I take the stance that people are entitled to their opinions, which, taken as they are don’t affect me at all.

So, here’s the undeniable truth behind your attacker’s statement: Humans, despite their best intentions, fail. Christians who preach love, tolerance, and peace fall away from that ideal regularly, as do Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, etc. However, I digress...I felt though, a need to make right a wrong by adding just a dash of common sense, that I must say was lacking in the rest of your commentary about science.

I don’t know your background, so I’ll assume nothing. But your comments remind me of someone who has taken a few too many philosophy classes. However, being an objective person, I’d like for you to explain your comment:

"We have plenty of counter examples of science’s current theories of everything. There are no proven facts in science."

Funny you say this. This morning I walked out of my house, got into my car and drove to work. One thing that I took for granted (and you did too at the time you typed your rant) was that GRAVITY was doing a great job of keeping me planted on the earth. How does this relate to Star Trek?

I think the world of physics is in for a big shock, and you my friend are in position to make a lot of money, because according to your commentary, there are no proven facts in science. If you’ve discovered that the law of gravity is mutable...patent it and we’ll have those neat artificial gravity units that ST has. You’ll usher in a new era for manned spaceflight!

Being a scientist I know for FACT that there are definite, proven laws that govern the world we live in. Religion is not in opposition to these laws. Science and religion live in two different worlds, one is faith the other is not. To confuse the two, or even relate them is futile.

I’d like to hear more about which theories you believe are disproven by a philosophical trusim. Who knows, maybe you’re right.

None the less, this is the first time I’ve ever heard someone try to disprove science by citing philosophy.

A bit of advice though: Stick to philosophy and leave science seem to have a better grip of the former.


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> Picard literally states that Christianity is mythology
> in TNG. But, he must respect these other kooky religions.

What makes Christianity less kooky than a made up Trek religion?


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> Science has proven that it cannot explain anything.
> Science rests upon a paradigm that is, by its own
> admission, inherently flawed.

Whatever you believe in -- it is some big lie someone told you because what I just quoted above is so far off the mark I can’t see how a rational person can believe it.

Your own beliefs are nothing but a paradigm.


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Report this Mar. 05 2003, 2:48 am

> dare he challenge the word of god,
> OR of gods representative’s

charlie_x, speaking as god’s rep, I have to tell you he told me to tell you to give all your money to me.

Who are you to challenge god’s representative? To set yourself up as the judge of - Anything.

So send me your money.

Oh, wait -- you don’t mean that -- you’re just ripping off Ayn Rand.

Drat! I almost had some money!

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