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After the last post about gravity I had a need to put in a tape,the movie 2001 & 2010,Space Oddessey you know sometimes one forgets how good these movies can be if you hadn’t seen it for a while,I believe it holds up really well and I hate to say this and I love my Star Trek,after watching the show and during I felt as though I was really getting the real deal as a space journey goes,the details, space walks and the isolation seems so accurate,even the quiteness of space.HAL 9000 was really the star though,inspired by IBM for thoses who didn’t know HAL’s name was coded for the movie from IBM..[ H before I, A before B and L before M] I even downloaded HAL’s voice responce in my computer. Anyway I was wondering if anyone else felt that that this was the most accurate space movie made, how realistic is it?


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Let me rephrase that, the most accurate si-fi move made,Apollo 13 was real.


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That movie struck me in that it did not have music during the whole thing. Realistic in that it is very quiet in space. It was also one of the funniest scenes I remember. getting lock out of the space ship 800 million miles away from anything. No hide-a-key! no AAA! And the computer is pissed off at him!


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It has little competition in hollywood to be realistic. Hollywood is only interested in flashy stuff. I heard there is a new movie coming out where a military expirement stopped the earths core and some astronauts have to crash a ship into the core to save it. I can’t imagine how dumb that movie is going to be, but with crap like that 2001 has little competion for reality.

I think 2001 was also in part inspired by technophobia. A lot of people in the time period when this movie came out were scared stupid about computers. Computers taking over the world, oh my God, help us. My computer can’t even save a friggin word document with out wanting to call Microsoft to report an error.


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38957 sounds like low memory..mine gets that way too.


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The movie, and even more the book, had LOTS of realistic technology: including the nuclear-powered spacecraft with the engine separated a long way from the living quarters. The hibernation idea doesn’t seem to have come into being, and he was too optimistic about when things would happen, but otherwise pretty good.

He had a prediction of a "Newspad", I think it was called, which was a kind of microfiched newspaper on which you could see headlines and zoom in on any story you wanted. Functionally, a lot like internet news, though he still imagined a distributed physical object.

Clarke’s book was all wet in regard to "overpopulation", as most people were in those days. But I don’t think that affected the movie.

And of course, the ship had a beautifully depiction of a centrifuge in which the astronauts could exercise.


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Considering the movies of its time 2001 was a fantastic movie.

I confess, after not seeing it for 20+ years, then watching it recently I felt let down. BUt this is due to Hollywood, more than anything else. We are all accustomed to 2 hours of solid action with no let down. Forget about building the characters or plot development. Producers nowadays must feal that if they haven’t grabbed your attention and inundated your senses within 10 minutes of sitting down in the theater they will lose you.

And yes, as another poster stated, the computer was a scary thing back then. Nobody really understood, or realized, what computers were capable of back then. And, as is often the case, the fear of the unknown can be great.

Little did we know back then some little third rate thieving geek would control 90% of the computers in the future!!

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