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Why Star Trek (as a franchise) is dying.....


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Report this Feb. 05 2003, 8:58 am

Listen, I know that campaigns spring up all the time. Sometimes with silly messages and some are downright scams. But not this time, a new campaign has begun to save the dying Star Trek franchise. It is being run by a new organization known as the Star Trek Fan Association (STFA). I would like to invite any and all persons here to visit our official website to see what’s being done. It will only take a few moments to read the information posted there, but it will provide valuable insight as to why Trek is dying and what we’re doing about it as fans. Even if you don’t believe that Trek is dying, I still invite you to see the website -- there is factual evidence to prove that the franchise is dying, if you have an open mind to see it. Help us Save Star Trek before it’s too late.

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