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’Cryosatellites & Cryonics’


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Cryosatellite & Cryonics

In TNG’s "The Neutral Zone" there was a cryosatellite with several different people in it. These people died and then were frozen right after there death.
Cryonics is developed for the hope that in the future you might be cured from a disease or cancer (that could be able to be cured because it’s the future with medial advances).

In the ST Universe cryosatellites were launched in the 21st Century. (Late 20th and beyond)

Then in this episode the Enterprise D (NCC-1707-D) found a cryosatellite and the doctor was able to bring back to life 3 people. She curded there disease, caner, or what there cause of death was. And then there you have it 3 living and breathing people!

Do you think that cryonics has a chance in actually working (or in the future)?

Would you personally invest in cryonics in the hope that you might be brought back?

Master Q


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Sorry about those mistakes like the cured (or what it was meant to be).

I make those mistakes all the time!


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You’re not going to talk about relativity?


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The question in this case is does cryonics actually preserve the body which could be retrievable under a suitablly advanced technology or will a adequately advanced technology be able to deal with the procedure just as lond as the body is still there in some form? If it was the only choice then I would because you’d have nothing to lose but if there other methods which truly preserved the body according to what we understand then I would choose them instead.


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And the better bet is on life extending drugs and methods in any case.


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By the way, I enjoyed the paradoxes you wrote on the other string. Fun.

I think cryogenics has great potential for preserving - suspending in time - a person in his/her present condition. I think we have a lot to learn before it is practical for human beings, though. I’m afraid that the individuals who have undergone cryogenics up to this point are SOL.

Death is a tough one - I think most of us would do almost anything we could to evade it as long as possible. So, I’d have to say that if I had a terminal disease, I would consider crygenics - in hopes that I could be brought back once there was a cure. Once we start seeing successful cases of resuscitation (from cryogenics), I’d be even more willing/interested!


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It seems to me that some people are frozen and want to come back later so they can be cured. Why would the people in the futeure want them?

I get the impression sometimes people want to pick the manner of their death. I do to. But there just might be a limit - If a person is diagnosed with one disease and gets frozen - then unfrozen cured and then steps into an oncoming bus-

-or if that same person gets anotherr disease can they be frozen again?

Like Einsteins last words - I knew that m&^%$f&^%^& was going to get me!


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I think freezing people currently destroys them. In other words you suffer from freezer burn like your favorite pork chop does in the freezer. Your body contains a great deal of water. Water, unlike most things, expands when it freezes. So, your cells go pop and you are thoroughly destroyed. This is why meat that is frozen tastes like it has freezer burn. People are meat. I do not know the solution to this problem.


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Actually, there is a solution to freezer burn: nanotechnology! :)

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