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Would Geodesic Dome make for a stronger bridge design?


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I recall the dome being used in a star wars movie and it got blown up, but the different Enterprises have had damage to the bridge. If the bridge floor was in the center of the dome, would this make it a weaker design? Would the ship support the weight of the dome?


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Seeing as theres no gravity in space...


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No gravity except what you bring yourself!


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Why is the bridge always on deck 1?
We saw this in nemesis as well, deck 1 is absolutly the worst place to stick all the senior crew in an emergency, you want to have the bridge deep inside the ship, (you don’t need a window cos you’ve got the viewscreen), its the same with Klingon ships, all the important stuff is on the end of that flimsy neck thing.


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Good point. You would think that 400 years of experience would have taught them to bury all the important things.

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