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Klingon Evolution


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Forgive me if this question had been asked before, but what was the story of the change from the TOS. klingon and the tranformation of the TNG klingon. In DS-9 [Trials and Tribble-Ations] of which I thought was one of the best DS-9, Warf was ask that same question,and he said, that’s a long story. Was there ever a story? I hoped that Enterprise would have answer that.


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I think Klingons inserted some dinosaur (or their equivalent) DNA into their genome to look fiercer.



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i read this somewhere or saw it somewhere, but it was explained to me that the original appearance of klingons was masked in the TOS era because they were to menacing looking and would not be able to easily infiltrate and spy on the Federation. THerefore they had there features genetically changed to appear more human-like.

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