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About the Prime Directive...


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Your point illustrates the narrow vision issue with the Prime Directive. It may be that the very criteria that would prohibit a culture from joining the Federation is what makes it special an valuable. Different cultures with different values may have, probablt WILL have, more to offer than those cultures that are similar to ours. I would venture a guess that some combination of philosophy, psychology, phisiology, or some other unforeseen factors, may produce a civilization that has no interest in technology but would be unaffected by other civilizations that did. Their value would, by definition, be indeterminable because they would exist in a manner so far removed from our preconceptions.

I imagine SOME form of contact protocol will eventually be necessary I’m just not sure the Prime Directive has been thought out.

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Many people already believe that Earth has been visited many, many times in the past (*and some say continues to be visited) by alien races with vastly superior technology and yet it doesn’t "seem" to have advanced our science dramatically. Then again I don’t know exactly whether that statement is 100% true or not.
I don’t know whether some of the stuff we know today perhaps wasn’t helped along by some "outside" source.


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Hi, actually no I don’t. What I meant was that Star Trek is a world unto itself. It’s a "universe" that shouldn’t be seen from any one point of view right or wrong but as a universal drama. A world or universe where they’re interacting with each other. Basically I meant that the story is really being told in the third person.

I agree with what you said about a one world government. There’s no reason why countries can’t live together in peace which would mean that there doesn’t have to be a world government for that purpose. After all what’s the point of a federation if you were for one world/universal government? It doesn’t make too much sense; but then maybe it’s not supposed to make sense. Maybe we’re supposed to see the federation and humanity as evolving and growing and these being their mistakes. That’s what I meant about not seeing Star Trek from the federation’s perspective anymore like I got used to do doing. It most likely was never meant to be seent that way. We were probably supposed to see them as who they were and not necessarily as the ideal.


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"Basically I meant that the story is really being told in the third person."

Well I meant actually more than that. That was part of what I was trying to say. The other part was the characterization of the type of drama Star Trek is, and for now the best way I can describe it is as a universal drama.


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There’s the possibility that only civilisations that are sociologically/philosophically "mature/aware??" would develop as far as warp, those more agressive species investing far too much time doing each other over to discover anything as interesting as faster than light travel.

As for timing, I guess we all started from a similar place so maybe it just takes X amount of time to reach an arbitory marker in technological development such as the invention of faster than light travel?

Ian Banks’ Culture have a similar no intervention policy to the Fedaration although they do intervein subversivly on the poitical level if things are going astray (which is something that the fedaration don’t seem to do?).

On a slight aside - the final book in Arthur C Clarkes Rama series describes a scene were the main character gets to see a speeded up holo view of the spread of space faring civilisations accross the galaxy - well worth a read as it gives an insight as to why nobodies come knocking on our door......yet.

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