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Report this Dec. 07 2002, 5:42 pm

the Blockade-Class of starships, for example. 1.4 km long (about 1400 metres or yards) 72 decks high, about 950 m wide. dual quantom slipstream generators, 4 warp nacelles, 2 warp cores. a prefabricated garrison base deployment bay, complete with 1 prefab garrison base w/ landing barges and 2 patrol/support vessels and 2 shuttlebays. armed w/ 300 quantom torps, 400 pho torps, 200 graviton torps, and 100 trans-phasic torps (as seen in ’End Game"). protected by ablaitive regenerative deployable armor (as seen in ’End Game"), and hardening redundant meta-phasic sheilding. uses regular phaser strips and turrets. one nav deflector on each mandible. NOT a rpg, just posting all the cool stuff my ship has, email me for schematics at:

P.S. make email subject relevant and noticable as i delete my junk mail without looking properly. It will take awhile for me to scan and send schematics


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I just read your suggestion for a new Blockade-class ship. It does sound "cool!"


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Your ship sound very interesting please send me a schematic.
Thank You,
Frank Jr

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