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/\ Incoming Transmission from Starfleet Command /\


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Report this Oct. 29 2002, 9:31 pm

Upon extensive revision, it is the decision of Starfleet Command that you be promoted to the rank of Ensign and be assigned to the USS Sentinel, a Defiant Class vessel under the command of the reputable Captain Damien Korczynski.

Your posting is in no way mandatory Ensign, you have an option to choose to serve on this vessel or not. In case you wish to find out more or choose to join, two links have been added to this transmission to give you the necessary information you require.

If these links prove unsatisfactory, you may communicate Starfleet Command via this email address:
You may also contact the Captain of the ship through this email address:

Goodluck Ensign.

Starfleet Command Out.



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