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Vulcan Names


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Anybody know how the Vulcans name their dwellings?
(Planets, Countries, Cities, Towns, Starships, etc.)

Basically, if you were to look at a ’street map’ of a Vulcan country, how would it look, with regards to the names of the locations?

Are there any English translations of their meanings?

With their emotions repressed so much, how do they choose names?
I mean, they wouldn’t have names such as ’City Of Angels’ (Los Angeles), San Antonio, or Santo Domingo.


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They are very into tradition and will use traditional or historical names often. Traditionally vulcan males are named a name beginning with S and ending in K that has 5 letters to honor Surak (the father of Vulcan Logic) This is not law, only tradition. Tuvok’s parents obviously felt no need to follow this tradition. Also traditionally vulcan females have the T’ prefix on their names. (T’Pring, T’Pel, T’Pau etc..) Again tradition only as evidenced by Dr Selar the vulcan healer on NCC 1701 D. This does not mean that a male is not allowed to use the T’ just that it is unusual. If all this were actually real I would suspect that Tuvok was actually T’Uvok

Vulcan city names frequently have kahr on the end of them . ShiKahr where Spock’s family lives and the main location for the Science academy. ShanaiKahr a somewhat nearby major city to ShiKahr.

Most of this comes from books not film so is not official canon.


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T’POL T’GEM P’GEM T ’s a P ’s ...... Vulcan is Vulcan..... so the names have one meaning.......


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What I’m basically wanting to do is create a civilisation based on Vulcan culture (but not related to it) based on their style.

I am trying to create locations, such as cities, etc.
and need to put names to them.
Hence the reaon for this topic.


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I think if you do a web search (google is my favorite search engine) on "Vulcan language" you’ll find some sites that have a fair vocabulary list. Maybe even alphabets.

Anyway, somewhere in such a vocabulary list there might be place names.

If you find the rules to Kal-Toh, be sure to post them here! ;-)


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Messhall. Kal-toh game.
Kim: "The object of the game is to turn this jumble of rods into a perfect sphere. We take turns positioning our pieces. Whoever gets the shape to appear first, wins."
Tuvok: "I like the way it looks now."
Neelix: "This has always been one of your favourite games, Tuvok. It helps keep your logic sharp."



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I don’t know about place names, but I have noticed that many Vulcan names have started with S (Spock, Sarek, Surak, Sevall, Saavik, Sybok, Stonn), T (T’Pring, T’Pol, T’Lar) with very few exceptions (Valeris, Xon).

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