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"The Persistence of Memory" Salvador Dali


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"The Persistence of Memory"

After reading some topics/posts on time and relativity I was thinking about a famous painting called "The Persistence of Memory", made by Salvador Dali.

I found a picture so if you never seen it or want to refresh your memory:

In this painting he used two of the symbols of time which are the clock and sand. When we look at its temporal images one thing we see is a swan and if you look closely it is in the shape of an hourglass.
As the clocks are melting, . . .. it shows the flow a flow of a river or the river of time. Not only that, but look at the light if self. The swan is in shadow, but we don’t see applied on it.

Salvador Dali when he was working on this was trying to show our perception of time and relativity. If there was good painting that represents time this is probably one of the, if not the best one we have today.

What do you think of this painting and its connections to time and relativity?
It is in the eyes of the beholder and more so in art.

"Imagination is more important then knowledge."

Master Q


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I think with this picture, surrealism generally and most of these other modern "isms" it’s more what you read into the picture than what the picture itself shows.

If I want to paint or draw something, it’s because that something appealed to me aesthetically. Why would I want to change what nature got right the first time?

I like those pictures that you have to look twice to determine whether it’s a painting or a photograph. That’s what I call artistic skill.


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They have a Dali at the national gallery but they put it in the strangest and arguable most offensive place. It’s right in the hall where the west wing connects to the east wing, right on the wall facing the escalator connecting the two wings of the gallery. Strange...

The painging is called the sacrament of the last supper.

And they, at the national gallery, have the only da vinci in the western hemisphere.

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