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Quantum Slipstream Drive & Transwarp Drive. How do they actually work?


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Refering to the transwarp drive of the borg, and the quantum slipstream drive in ST:VOY 194 (Hope and Fear), in theory, how do they actually work?

Very little have been mention about them, especially the quantum slipstream drive.


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Transwarp drive and quantum slip stream drive are all neo-notions that the boys at ST tech have thrown out as plot devices for much faster than warp theory. Trans-warp was firsst introduced in "The search for Spock", when the enterprise crew sabotaged the Excelsior, which had the first prototype trans warp drive. The best explanation I’ve heard is - "you’re at every point in the universe at one time" so - you snap in and out of differing points in the galaxy. per say. I actually think that this is the most scientifically sound perception of faster than light speed. Warping space has too many hole theoretically, and so does trans warp, but the current understanding of physics today allows more for "spreading yourself around the universe" more than it allows for subspace, and the ineffable warp field.

The quantum slipstream even has more validity to me, in the nomenclature. Quantum mechanics is very hard to understand, the exact nature of these theories that are being investigated point more towards wormholes, and dimensional loopholes than it does "faster than light travel" I feel that finding a slipstream - a place where a starship can ride the rapids of "quantum space" (subspace, or whatever) where the laws of our "normal space" correlate with the "alternate space" that you could be traveling to.

It’s not just a matter of acceleration anymore, but what happens when you are maneuvering through space-time. It may take a huge amount of energy to move into the quantum realm, but it may take a small amount of energy to maneuver through it when you are there. I have read a book recently that points out that atoms have more of a quantum nature, popping in and out of relity in quantum packets of existance, which speculates that this this we call reality has to come out of a place we cannot percieve, or ever hope to without the aid of synthetic technology.

I know this really doesn’t help explain what you have asked for, but my hope is that you investigate more for yourself, on a reality level, not just a star trek level. you’ll find that truth is much stranger than fiction!

check out neutrinos, tachyons, bradyons, dirac, schroedinger, einstein, max plank, etc. the majors. try and also investigate, the tao of physics, or a book called the dancing wu li masters. this helped me understand a relationship to the quantum realm. more over that I really don’t know jack about physics. and I have a college education - focusing on physics.

good luck - someone here will tell me I’m wrong I’m sure of it.


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In theory here is how I think they may work. First we must disregard the laws of physics since they don’t seem to apply in the Star Trek universe. Setting this aside and assuming there is such things as subspace layers and subspace dimensions, we can start setting up an outline of these two quite imaginitve technological wonders.

Borg Transwarp Drive. The Borg transwarp drive used one of these subspace dimensions to cross great distances in minimal amount of time. As we recall in "Descent" Enterprise-D used rotating subspace frequencies to open and simulate a Borg subspace conduict. The ship used this conduict to cross several hundred light years within a few seconds to go after Data. Geordi said normal warp limitions didn’t apply while the ship is within this tunnel. To the outside the ship could be seen travelling hundreds of times faster than possible. We can only assume Voyager used a similar technique to generate the Borg transwarp cnduict.

The quantum slipstream drive could be just another one of these subspace layers that allow a ship to cross huge distances within minimal amount of time.


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As you know its really just fiction and for quantum slipstream there is little defining in the ST universe because the primary use of a transportation method is warp drive and not quantum slipstream, but we can still speculate. As has been stated by Kirkintha it is more about space & time then speed[/acceleration].

When watching the episode on VOY where they first shown quantum slipstream in a so called "federation ship" (but turned out to be a fake) when showing the engine it had that quantum feel in the since that it looked like it was getting raw power out of the micro world or something to that nature.

If the writers were pointing towards another dimension as Captainproton02, a dimension in a dimension [if you follow me there, if you don’t I’ll explain but it takes long to explain and hard if I can not do it visually],
hey it could just be another subspace area or the like and antigravity pushing you a lot harder using the nature of quantum mechanics and quantum gravity.

I like the antigravity thing . . . maybe that is just because its more interesting to think about

But again unity - we don’t have it. Yes we have small connections of general relativity and quantum mechanics [quantum gravity], but at the over all look not many.

Master Q


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If you refer to my "Subpsace Theory" there is an explanation. I think this is similar to captianproton02’s idea of a subspace conduit. Transwarp is bascially a primitive (relatively to more advanced means) wormhole creator. It makes a normal space conduit through subspace. It is primitive because transwarp is limited to the upper layers of subspace and therefore is relatively slow. A wormhole creator that could go into short space would allow you to cross the galaxy in a little over a day. Quantum Slipstream is just another way of doing transwarp.
Note: This explanation only works for Star Trek and unless subspace exists it won’t work in real life

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