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Your opinions on the species - "Human"


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Report this Sep. 27 2002, 4:01 pm

In my opinion, I think our race is just weird, I mean...

We attack on things we don’t understand

We help those less fortunate

Some people, live their life by the "Bible", just to feel assured, which is illogical, but still

We fight

We want peace

We can’t stand being alone

We don’t use our time wisely

We don’t think all the time

We don’t even use technology right

So, what is the Human to do? Die off, and hope the next species learn from our mistakes? (Its’ a retorical question) We fight, we use money, we’re primative always trying to improve our lives, when we’re also destroying them, I know... you don’t give a damn, but I wish, someone actually cared, for once, or we could just step back and look at ourselves, contantly being busy, getting from A to B, we wake up, get dressed, have breakfast, go to work or school, then come back, watch TV, have dinner, watch TV or do homework, then go to sleep 5 days a week, then in weekend, we try to spend time hanging out with friends and family, making up with lost time, but how is humans meant to improve? (another retorical question)

I guess, someday, humans will think how to improve lives without weapons, just sit and talk, no worries, just trying to improve Huamn lives, and explore, which is Humans’ basic instinct, to go and explore the unknown, well I hope I didn’t bore you or made you commit suicide, or pissed off, by the fact that its the 21st century, but you can’t help but wonder what humans wil be like in couple of hundreds of years time, maybe humans have to learn things the hard way in couple of decades time, when an all-war breaks out like in Star Trek Universe 2053


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Report this Sep. 29 2002, 6:16 am

I think we’re doomed.
Cheers. :)


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Report this Sep. 30 2002, 4:56 pm

We are the next animal on the endangered species list...that is for sure...


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Report this Oct. 04 2002, 7:08 am

but we are only endangerd becouse we make it that way just think like those stupid AMERICANS they want to stop SADAM from killing people so they are going to go in and kill a whole heap od IRAQIS just to get rid of one man that "might" blow something up i ask you people is this justice?

lol i just strayed from the point abit:)

P.S. americans are up theirselves and need to get of their high horse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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