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Wow! Check out this fascinating website - Kitbashed Starships!


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Report this Aug. 09 2002, 5:01 am

Hello fellow Star Trek enthusiasts! Commodore Forbin of the TrekBBS board has introduced me to a fascinating website that contains marvellous renderings of Star Trek starship classes that you probably didn’t know even existed! These renderings have been created by John Payne, who has experience in art, computer graphics, modelmaking, and writing. Also, if you click on to the "In Payne" link, it will bring you to his homepage where you can find links to displays of his computer generated starships, and his own Star Trek fiction. Check out this fascinating website now at:

Just think of the various Star Trek movies and television series that could be based around the various starships displayed on this website! So now it’s time to be creative. When visiting this website, please select your favorite(s) of these starships and respond with your idea for a story that centers around the starships that you selected. This should be fun, so let’s hear your feedback!


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