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would it rearly be that hard to create an wormhole. If yes or no, how would one do it, and please dont base this all on startrek theroys. i would like to hear what you all have to say


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Wrom holes are also referred to as einstein - rosen bridges. What I understand of the theaory is that some how space-time is like a flat piece of paper. If you draw as line from one side to the other, that is the shortest distance ( a straight line) from one side to the other. What wormholes do is to bridge the gap between the two enormous spacial point, and create a new dimension to travel through. This dimension that you travel through is the worm hole. Even though theoretically this state of physics can exist, it has never been detected and has no proof outside of mind experiments.

The problem with current physics is this. We have not found a way to get through the problem of thermodynamics. We do not have enough resources to create the power - and infinite power is what is going to make any of these theories a reality.

look at my post on quantum gravity - yesterday or the day before.


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It is belived that wormholes occore natraliy. it is said that if you fly into a black hole then you would come out the other end in a new position in no one has tested this theriy, we cant tell if if they points would be fixed but i belive that the exit point changes in relation to diretion of entry into the black hole. this is obviersly an untestable theriey at present and only one idea for wormholes. many films discuss the idea appart from startrek, such as Event Heriseon and also Lost in Space.

(please excuse spelling, i am just a little tiered)


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I agree with Jay. Cos Black Holes must lead to somewhere, when stars get sucked in, where do they go, to the otherside of course? (a WHITE HOLE) But how would we get through the sheer force of gravity, and energy that is dispensed out from that phenonmenon? That’s a question that could keep people up all night/decades... (if they cared)


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Well to create a wormhole you are basically bending the space time fabric so I would say that would be hard to create, but it depends on how advance we are in the future or someone else when we if at all actually do something like this yes it will be very hard, but even more out into the future it will become less difficult.

Is it possible to create a wormhole?
Yes anything is really possible as long as it does not violate physics or the laws that govern it. To create one we would have to look at the quantum level there is so called quantum foam that exists there. This quantum foam can be looked at as basically mini wormholes even though it has fundamental differences that’s why its not a actual wormhole. Not to get into its complexities on how it works and relates to quantum mechanics it will basically do the same thing if you can expand it. It can be perceived as a passage to one area to another as a curve in the fourth dimensional plane not perceived on our third dimensional plane on how we view it (that is the curve not the mouth) but the "mouth" or entrance would be perceivable on our plane. To expand it you would have to use exotic matter (negative energy) and that will open its positive energy. Exotic matter is not just found anywhere its in small quantities, but if you had enough and stored enough it could be possible to expand on it and open it. There is one problem with this idea however it is possible to fall apart as they most likely shift in and out of the continuum, but this can be solved again by just holding it open and keeping it not from falling apart. We still use exotic matter to do this you just have to have a ton of it that’s the problem. Actually controlling it to make the white whole where you want to be, would not make this a bad idea because remember that we can see the mouths in our three dimensional plane so we would have to move it. How to move it I think if we can actually do this someday we would have to do some trial and error experiments to see how to really control it if its by gravity or other thing that will make it go somewhere else. It may be possible.

Just the bending of space might be possible in a way. We would have to basically have a large amount of gravity and experiment with it in different frequencies. When we understand how it all comes together we might be able to create a passage or a wormhole. That’s why we really need to research about quantum gravity as Kirkintha said then we really can say how it might be possible to create some kind of wormhole. I could go on and on about this issue because its so interesting and I know I got carried away a bit so sorry about that.

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