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Whats next for star trek??


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im not a fan of enterprise cos it sucks for spoiling the origal series by being more advanced + the whole notion of enterprise never existed in the privios star trek series so they just made it up!

sorry producers i think u got it worng, less of the spoling star trek past more of the going forward

dont know about other fans but the last 2 seasons of ds9 and yoyager kicked ass and this is when i feel star trek has been at its all time best, continue the legasy forward!

like the old saying goes "if it aint broke dont fix it" nobody complaned about the history of star trek befor enterprise, i heard no shouts for a "fill the gap" series


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I have to disagree with you on that one. You have to realize that ST:TOS was made on a small budget in the sixties. That is the only reason why it is any "less technologically advanced" than Enterprise. I actually commend the writer’s for doing such a good job in keeping the story of Enterprise so that it is not only coherent with the previous ST series’, but also so it is somewhat closer to our time, making the charactors more relatable to ourselves.


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here-here transwarp_conduit


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I agree that the series needs to move forward. I enjoy Enterprise, and has inspired me to write some fan fic in the Mirror universe timeline (I’m the Publications officer for a Mirror Trek Club in the Seattle area)...

However, if Hover Dam had as many holes in it as Voyager, it wouldn’t hold water. I mean the final episode alone had a big enough hole to fly the Enterprise D through. I mean how many paradoxes did they manage to create?

And now the Producer’s / Writers have decided to continue that trend in Enterprise. Sure, time travel is nifty, but let’s face it, it’s not their strong points. Personally there are only a couple of worthy time travel episodes that come to mind and they include (pardon me for not knowing titles) a TNG episode where a guy from the past poses as an observer from the future and tries to steal some technology, the episode where the Ferengi crashland in Roswell NewMexico 1947, and the DS9 Tribble episode.

Well, that’s my $0.02 for now.


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