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No more TV in 2040?


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No more TV in 2040?

I know that I posted something like this before, but that was a long time ago and there are a lot of new people to this board so I would like to know what you think.

According to Star Trek The Next Generation’s "The Neutral Zone" there is no more TV in 2040.

I personally do not think this will happen. Maybe it will even more into the future, but not so soon.

Why do you think watching TV stopped?

According to Star Trek we don’t have the hollow-deck at this time (2040) so that cannot be it. Was it the result of WWIII? I’m not sure if it started in 2053 or ended (WWIII), maybe someone could clear that up for me. For me I do not think that would make TV gone too, but maybe it would.

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In TNG Picard says they stopped watching TV because the programming on it was stupid, but that doesn’t change the potential the technology has. So for that reason the technology of tele-imagery, or tele-vision, will never end. It would only be surpassed by psychic communication but it still would be around as an alternative or a complimentary device.


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For instance they have video screens even in TNG.


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I would kind of love it it they would end TV... I mean, it’s a great medium and I enjoy my few select shows, but it’s quite a hindrance too...


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First, I think the end of commercial-paid broadcast TV is a lot closer than 2040. There are already services like Tivo that allow viewers to skip commercials automatically, and in the way of technology, this technology will eventually become cheap and common. So I think eventually, fairly soon, no one will watch commercials anymore, and therefore no company will sponsor TV anymore. From then on it’s pay-per-view all the way. People will buy subscriptions to their favorite series, as they do for magazines, and the video will be delivered to their set for them to watch at leisure.

But, if I knew that TV would be obsolete by 2040, I’d say that what will happen is this: after TV turns into pay-per-view, and no longer has the illusion of being "free," people will look up from their sets and realize there are loads of good books on the shelf, and board games they haven’t played in years, and the weather outside is perfect for a walk. And so even pay-per-view will wither away...


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TV addiction and propaganda type programs are the real problems in this situation. Other than that television and broadcast television, is one of the greatest inventions of all time. There are a lot of great programs on satelite tv right now, and I don’t mean directtv or dishnetwork. I mean getting a regular satelite dish and then chosing your own programs from any satelite which can be free and subscription. For instance:, and,


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A lot of the programming is rubbish now but that doesn’t stop people watching indiscriminately.


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you’d think tv would come back once money was abolished on earth


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i remember hearing about there not being money on earth, is there on othere planets around there? And isnt latinum like money to the ferengi or who ever? pardon my spellin


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I believe that phone, t.v., and the internet will merge into one service. In one eposode of D.S.9, when Sisco, Bashir, and Dax accidently went to San Francisco of the past, people used the "net" for entertainment, a like t.v. service. Person to person, like the phone. And posting one’s views, like a internet chat room or massage board.


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I think that Television (2 dimensional viewing) will be replaced by Holovision (3 dimensional viewing) some time in the 21st century, and most likely before 2040.

Television as we know it (a news, documentary, educational, and entertainment medium) would be completely replaced.

2D displays may continue to exist (in mobile phones for example)
or maybe these too would be replaced.. we can only guess)

has anyone ever noticed how funky and ancient Mac SE displays look now compared to today’s biggest flat screen HD monitors?
or how round and retro Tv’s from the 60’s look compared to HDTV’s

this is only a mild analogy to what an extreme difference there will be between TV and HV

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