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Q episodes


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I have recently tried to track down all episodes of all any series containing the being Q. I would appreciate anyone who can list them all for me...I know that I’ve missed some...Thank You!


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I am happy to help you with your search for "Q" episodes. In "The Next Generation", they are: 1) Encounter at FarPoint, episode #101; 2) Hide and Q, episode #111; 3) Q Who, episode #142; 4) Deja Q, episode #161; 4) QPid, episode #194; 5) Tapestry, episode #241.

There are additional "Q" episodes in Voyager, but I do not have them recorded. I do not know how many there are.

An interesting note, I undertook the project of watching every episode of "The Next Generation" and cataloging 10 different parameters. I have listings of episodes where: 1) Poker is played, 2) Lwoxana Troi appeared, 3) Barclay appeared, 4) Leah Brahms appeared, 5) Tasha Yar appeared after her death, 6) Alexander appeared, 7) Riker was given "promotion to Capt." opportunities, 8) Riker had a girlfriend, 9) Capt. Picard had a girlfriend (usually Dr. Beverly Crusher), Geordi had a girlfriend. Along with the "Q "episodes, that makes 10.

I also recorded in each episode which started a season and ended a season, along with two-part episodes. These are so simplistic, that I do not consider them part of my cataloging process.

I’d be happy to share my data with you.


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Interesting hobbie. Of course how could you forget the final TNG episode "All Good Things.." though.

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