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Slanted Fedora


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Recently, I was made aware of a situation involving Dave Scott of Slanted Fedora. This is not the first time Mr. Scott has behaved in this deceptive manner, and as such, I wanted to bring it to the attention of as many fans as possible. You are being cheated and lied to.

It appears Mr. Scott has a habit of inviting some truly wonderful guests to his shows and then cancelling the guest. To make things worse he leaves the guests name on his site as a draw to unsuspecting fans and when news leaks out he advises the fans that it was the Guest who cancelled, when in fact it was Mr. Scott cancelling the guest. I think this is appalling behaviour.

Most recently, this has happened to James Darren, in relation to the Boston June7th and 8th shows and the Chicago June 22nd and 23rd show. Check for a personal message on this from James Darren. I can tell you that it is VERY upsetting for the stars to have thier fans think they would cancel a show, and equally upsetting to me, as a fan, to think that Mr. Scott has the audacity to lie, cheat and steal from me.

When I think about the number of fans who attend his shows because they think a specific guest will be there its sickening. Its his way of stealing that stars name to draw you and me, the fans, in. Its even worse to think Mr. Scott has actually gotten up on stage to inform, or better said, to lie to fans and state that the guest cancelled. He has done this to a number of stars, all who are sick over the fact that he has done this to them and mostly to you thier fans. YOU, as a fan need to be aware of these underhanded tactics that are being used against the stars you love and against YOU.

Who does this man think he is? And why should we let him get away with this behaviour? Personally, I would like to see fans and stars alike boycott Mr. Scotts shows altogether. It was the love and power of fandom that brought Star Trek into the Sci/Fi world and it is the power of the fans and all our favorite stars that keeps it alive today. Mr. Scott needs to learn to respect the power of our stars and of the fandom world. I know I will NEVER go to another Slanted Fedora show as long as it is run by Dave Scott. I know there are many stars and fans he has offended by his actions. It just amazes me that he has the audacity to insult our favorite stars by trying to make them look like the midleading and deceptive person that is in fact, Mr. Scott.

Don’t be a victum. Don’t let your favorite stars become his victums. Don’t encourage his behaviour by attending his shows.

Robin DeMello


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Stick to your phasers/photon torpedoes that is an outrage.
I wouldn’t see one of his shows any way..


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You are absolutely correct. Dave is not a very nice person either. He puts down fans as a course of business. I refuse to contribute to his ill mannered events.


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I will stand up for Mr. Scott, I have been to 5 or 6 of his shows and never have had a problem. All guests that he has listed has showed, he put on the one in Vegas last year with all of the actors from all 4 shows. Kev


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I must stand up for Dave Scott, as well. I’ve found him very friendly, and upstanding in my business dealings with him. Dealing with stars schedules is not an easy manner, yet his shows have more stars at them than any other reasonably priced shows I have attended. (I stress ’reasonably priced’ here because his shows are usually structured to be very cost conscious of the attendee) I will continue to attned his shows because he still gives the most value for the dollar of any of these other so called "Entertainment" brokers. He does his best to give the fan a good show for a reasonable price.

As far as being freindly? How many other Heads of Entertainment Industries do you know that actually answer their own phone? I;ve talked with him, personally on several occasions, just because I’m buying a ticket! It’s a personal touch that most of these big whig wanna be’s could learn from!

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