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The Borg...just where did they come from?


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Okay,okay,okay...We all know that the Borg are a thousands of years old entity from the Delta quadrant...However, a friend of mine suggested to me yesterday something that is making me think. What if the Borg originated from the union of Cpt. Decker and the Ilia probe. You remember...from The Motion Picture. Well, I think it’s an intresting idea and I would love to hear some feedback. I don’t know, maby this subject has already been discussed, I just thought I would throw it out there again. Feel free to respond to this posting.


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The story is that V’ger (or Voyager) was intercepted by the Borg, repairedand sent back. That’s from Roddenberry himself. So, the Borg could not have started from Decker and Ilia.


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The borg were around before Zephram Cochrane notice in First Contact the borg try to contact the exsisting borg of that time. So that means they deffinitly were around before Captain Decker and Illia plus the borg repaired v,ger.


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How did the v’ger probe get so far, I mean the delta quadrant is thousands of light years away. The distance the voyager probe could travel in a couple of hundred years is not that great. It does not have warp capability...


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a black hole. They mention in ST the movie that Voyager went into a black hole and was not heard of again...


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one of the books by William Shatner suggests it may not have been a blackhole v’ger fell into but a transwarp conduit.
i cant remember which book it was though

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wait! when did this story happen in ST? I mean the Borg repaird VGER? I didnt hear that topic anywhere in the Star Trek universe :-/


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This was just a half-joking, off-handed comment reported to have been said by Gene Roddenbery. That’s the only place it came from... There was no mention in the "official" Star Trek universe... Shatner’s books don’t count...


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I believe it was in "The Return" where Shatner tells that the Borg originated from V’Ger. Since Spock had mind-melded with Vger he had some kind of nueral imprint which saved him from getting assimilated (the Bord considered him part of the collective already). Kind of wacky... but hey, it’s clever!

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