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Will there ever be a con closer to Memphis, TN?


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Report this May. 03 2002, 8:04 pm

I would really like to see a con come close to or to Memphis!! PLEASE!!!


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Report this May. 06 2002, 5:59 pm

Please read my posting about the 3D Star Trek Convention! It is as close as your computer. You can purchase a ticket and get to see live streaming coming at you from the Annual Star Trek convention in Las Vegas in August. I’ll post more information on it soon.


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Report this May. 08 2002, 9:30 am

Let me try that again... (I just attempted to post a response, and nothing happened:( )

There was a one day event in April in Northern Arkansas (I think it was Fayetteville) organized by a group from the U of A.
Robert Picardo was there.
The problem with that event, is the advertising: they only do it a week ahead.
If you can get KASN Little Rock, watch or tape Enterprise every week this time of next year and you might get lucky.

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