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Impulse Drive...How fast is it and how does it work?


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The impulse engines are one of those that are greatly overlooked. But you can’t go around in warp all of the time. So how fast is the impulse drive. In the TNG episode where capt. Picard gets turned into Locutus, the borg cube heads gets past the Saturn defenses and heads towards Earth. The enterprise drops out of warp near Saturn and the helm officer says that it will take about 30 minutes to reach Earth at full impulse. Now taking the distance from saturn to earth and dividing by 30 minutes thats over the speed of light. Does impulse have similarities to warp tech?? How does it work?


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Impulse drive works by using energy to power up warp coils, but does not need warp plasma. This is one way that impulse is not very fast, I think it can only go up to warp 0.8. Warp tech is similar because when warp drive was invented, another way to slow down the ship without breaking the light barrier was to use warp coils to slow it down. Thrusters are like Nasa speeds right now, but I think that is a little faster.


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As I understood it, impulse engines are powered by fusion generators and can acheive about one half the speed of light at maximum velocity.
I also have heard that the term "impulse" is explained by stating that impulse is short for "intermediate pulse drive" or IM pulse or impulse for short. May not be canon but it works for me.
Interestingly, many scientists believe impulse engines to be less plausible than warp drive!


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Due to the difference in the passage of time the closer you come to light speed, impulse is limited to 1/4 light speed. This is according to the Technical manual.


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its a tv show, get over it!!


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the old "it’s a just a tv show" reply again. God help us.
This is a ST board, ninny. Related topics as above are the purpose of this forum. Get over it.


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According to a book on star trek physics impulse is half light speed.


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Impulse is approximatly 1/4 light speed and is non-warp cruising speed.


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Thanks, galen! Exactly so. Love your quote....


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Impulse engines work by creating a distortion in space for a fraction of a micro-second that pulls the ship towards it. It repeats this thousands of times a second, providing a seemingly constant speed/acceleration.

These distortions exist in a fixed point in space, so they need to be repeated over and over, always in the direction the ship needs to travel.

Finely tuned Impulse engines can reach greater speeds because they can generate this distortion more quickly (and allow it to dissipate before the next one).

Impulse engines should not be able to exceed light-speed because the pull of this distortion propogates at the speed of light (just like if you are being towed you can’t go faster than the car that is towing you).

Thus the term IM-pulse (Impulse).

Internally - Generated from within the engine.
Metered - Timed for acceleration/deceleration or a constant speed.
Pulse - Space distortion.


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people impulse drive realy dose exist a man named robert w cook invented it in the early 70’s he has 9 us pattents on the units to get a us pattent you must prove it works , now mr cook’s work is very impressave and you can obtain copys of these pattents at any federal center copy right office . note what this meens is you can’t build one and sell it but you can build it to use also to it’s speed it is unlimited by how it funtions , the word impulse meens iner pulse or push from within now the disign i have seen uses a displased rotational drive ( 1 type of impulse drive ) now each rotation this produces 2 pulses or pushes which in a vacume is thrust , the object moves in the direction of the pulse each pulse moves the object faster . nasa and the majour airlines have shown interrest in mr cook’s work but his last published report was in 1979 the date on the copy of his pattent i have obtained. i hope this answers your question zaxzus

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