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Prime directive.


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Can anybody tell me the difference between the prime directive and the temporal prime directive?


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Prime directive, dont interfere with internal affairs of alien cultures, dont effect the overall the development of pre warp societies....

Temperal Prime directive, dont interfere with the time line (full stop)


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rage online said it all.........


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I think the Prime Directive extends beyond just pre-warp civilizations. They are allowed to contact the race once it acquires warp drive, but they still can’t influence the culture or try to change it. I seem to recall hearing in an episode that the Ferengi were going to supply some species with transporters, but Picard (it think) said that if the Ferengi gave them machines, they would become dependent on the Ferengi to repair the machines and give them new ones. This is why one of the reasons they don’t ’help’ other species.

What episode was this? Anyone know? I probably saw it when I was about’d hard to remember stuff clearly from back then. I saw so many episodes.

Maybe I’m just being complicated.......but I’m pretty sure the Prime Directive is for all species. That’s one of the reasons the races join the Federation, so they are not taken over by a more technologically advsnced race.

And about the TEMPORAL Prime Directive.......just kidding, just non-interference with the timeline, no more complaints. Although, how do you know if you’re interfering or just making things happen the way they were ’supposed’ to when you travel back in time? :)

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