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wormholes/spatial rifts


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At the end of Caretaker, voyager’s pilot, she said that they would be looking for wormholes and spatial rifts. What is the difference between the two?


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I’d say a wormhole would be like a tunnel and a rift would be a tear in space. In other words, in my uneducated opinion, a wormhole is "meant" to be there and the rift is an accident.


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A wormhole is a point in space where some energy and matter can be transmitted accross space by a spacial distortion effect occuring between to singularities (black holes)

A spacial rift is a subspace tear (not like the one in insurrection) that allows a vessle to enter a deep layer of subspace and travel a great distance within a limited range over a short period of time

Spacial rifts a fiction, worm holes a theories. Hope that answers it...

I might be wrong about spacial rifts as many anomolies from black holes to worm holes to time travel portals have been called a rift over the years of trek

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