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Rank Pips


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Report this Mar. 19 2002, 3:48 am

Someone help me out. Unless I am mistaken one silver Pip on the collar is Ensign, 2 silver pips is Lt., 3 silver pips is Commander, two silver pips and one black is Lt. Cmmd., and of course 4 pips is Captain. Now what is two pips with one black and one white?


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That would be Lieutenant (jg) or junior grade. That comes right after Ensign.


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yes something like this interested me to,

What is one black pip ment to be?? Ensign (jg)? (I’ve seen some crewman with this)

and what is 3 silver and one black, (is it even possible? I’ve never seen this combination so properbly not..)


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One Black pip is Chief Warrant Officer.You are correct about there being no 3 silver and one black ranking.


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First of all, they are gold, not silver. Just thought I’d point that out.

One-Four Black - Warrant Officer 4th-1st Class
One Gold - Ensign
One Gold, One Black - Lieutenant (Junior Grade)
Two Gold - Lieutenant
Two Gold, One Black - Lieutenant Commander
Three Gold - Commander
Four Gold - Captain
One Boxed Gold - Commodore or Rear Admiral 1st Half
Two Boxed Gold - Rear Admiral (Second Half)
Three Boxed Gold - Vice Admiral
Four Boxed Gold - Admiral
Five Boxed Gold - Fleet Admiral

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