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I have been trying to research ways of keeping a wormhole stable, and could use some insight. Any help would be appreciated.


Q Omega


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With the current understanding of how spacetime "works", the necessary ingredient to a stable wormhole is exotic matter. Matter which portraits a peculiar trait, it has negative energy. This is explained rather well in Doctor Kip Thorne’s book, "Black Holes and Time Warps". With this exotic matter in place around the throat of the wormhole, it works to hold/pull it open. There are two downsides to exotic matter, however: The first is that exotic matter would generate considerable amounts of gamma radiation, the other is exotic matter has yet to be detected anywhere in our nearby vicinity (and obviously we haven’t the foggiest how to produce it synthetically).


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yup thats it


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Wormholes present a very severe problem to theorists. That problem is what to do with time. Time has been accepted, by some, as the 4th dimension. If wormholes exist, then this means one of several things: they are 5th dimensional passages through either or both space and time, they are time passages, they are time and space passages, or time is in fact not the 4th dimension and the dimension in which wormholes exist is. I tend to favor the last one: it’s the easiest to deal with and it makes Star Trek plausible. It also makes a stable wormhole impossible. There is no such thing because, quite simply, you find a way into the 4th dimension, and you pop out wherever you happen to pop out. Easiest way to think about this is to picture a 2-dimensional universe and use the 3rd dimension as the wormhole dimension. A little flat person finds his way into the 3rd dimension and is suddenly moved not only forward, but down, as well. The person does not comprehend down, so he just enjoys the ride and tries not to get motion sick. He re-enters the 2nd dimension a most confused and naseous flat little guy, nowhere near his jumping off point. Being the type of flat person who gets struck by flat lightning two flat times, he goes back to the flat place where he became no longer flat, and somehow returns to the 3rd dimension at that place and moves along again, but this time he goes up, or further down, or something, and emerges at a different point. If he ever emerges at the same point as he did before, it’s just coincidence. The key to using the 4th dimension to our advantage is learning how to navigate direction z, just like up and down are the key to using the 3rd dimension differently from the 2nd.


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Thankyou for your help! I now have this information stored on my computer and ready to research.

Thanks again,

Q Omega


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I’m curious... If stimulated or spontanious emission of energy is related to the energy state that the particle is in, what does negative energy mean? gamma rays are radiative emissions corresponding to a certain set of frequencies in the electromagnetic spectrum corresponding to a positive energy difference in levels from electronic orbitals of atoms.

Negative energy doesn’t make any sense to me. And why would negative energy "stabilize" a worm hole?

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