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100 years?


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Report this Mar. 04 2002, 10:43 pm

In about a hundred years, i think we will have a base on the moon, possibily the beginings of a base on mars, i’m not sure about any other moons in the solar system, but i dout it. right now i think anything more would be wishful thinking.

But then again, 100 years ago would anyone have thought that builbing an international space station would be nothing but wishful thinking.


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Report this Apr. 22 2002, 8:54 pm

Wouldn’t that be nice? We could have had them last century, but we ran out of money. With overpopulation, there never will be enough money again, until maybe the next interglacial epoch, if intelligent humans survive. Low IQ overbreeders didn’t get us to the moon, or to the mars landings!

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