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who would really like to go to space with me?


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Report this Feb. 14 2002, 4:42 pm

I have already built an atomic particle displacement acelorator engine
wich will propell me at nearly the speed of light, wich is a lot more than nasa can say, right now i have a prototype that i am very proud of. i am incorperating the engine into the spacecraft that i have yet to finnish. it takes a while to do stuff but i hav complete fundings from my grandpa so i can build it to my exact specifications. any way my space ship will have room enough
for twenty valuble passengers. my engine will be ably to push a very large ship so there will be a lot of room. I need People that are way smarter than the averege human that could help keep my ship in order. i am looking for any ideas on the food part becaues i beilive there is a better way than just storing a warehouse full of food. if any onev is really interested email me with a good reason at my yahoo account BalinChainly. This is not a crock. I need help bulding the spaceship as well its very large and i am only a 1 male. the engine works and is the size of two semis parked next to eachother. So if you want to help.
i need a suplier for a lot of the deferent alloys to be used its very hard to by 500 tons of titanium and magnisium alloy. i say again im sereous as a hart atack. so if you have the brains and the technical know-how tell me at and i will secure the best requests. BY myself it would take another ten years to build this thing and i dont have the patients if i had the manpower i need i could mayby get it built in 3 or 4 years
i am looking foward to hearing from only smart people that have what it takes to go on a mission like this


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Where are you from?
How do you know your engine will work? Do you have preliminary tests to prove it?
Why don’t you post a few pictures in this forum.


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i will ofcourse go to space with u!!!that is you could out up with me!!!:)
if this is real that is ? i agree i would like to see pictures and a the lest blue prints and a detailed course planning and what your plan is for the next years
my email address is if you want anymore info on me or have info to give
from astro


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Report this Feb. 14 2002, 10:15 pm

I won’t go if your engineering is as bad as your spelling.


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Report this Feb. 15 2002, 3:26 pm

Yeah sure, what the hey!! I’ve always dreamt of going into space myself,(ever since Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon). I would have to agree with everyone else about the need to check out your blueprints as well as your technical schematics. I am an Electronic Engineering Technician (Graduated from DeVRY), so I would be able to tell all those interested if what you have planned is legit or a bunch of horse manure.


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Report this Feb. 15 2002, 8:23 pm

hell i would like to go i love space so much.. i have a thing for weapons and computers.. so i guess if i could come along i could help work on the best hardpoints and where to attach your weapons.. how to use it.. and make sure that we have an operating shield system..


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Report this Feb. 16 2002, 6:16 pm

A tempting prospect! Tell me, how do your inertial dampners work? Is your engine as good as your grammer. If so I have to voice a slight uneasiness . . .


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Report this Feb. 17 2002, 11:15 pm

OK, this is taking it just a little too far. I can understand people liking the series and movies and going to the conventions, but i don’t think that this is healthy. How can you have complete funding from your grandpa? Who can afford 500 TONS of titanium? If this is just a game, so be it, but please don’t scare me by saying your "serios as a hart attck"
if you actually think you have a ship that will fly and go into space, and you built it by your self, please , test it out before you let anyone else on. That way, your sacrificewould have made the world a safer place.

(by the way, if the above message i replied to was a joke, so was the reply) (if not, the reply was serious)


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Report this Feb. 18 2002, 6:46 pm

that is great!!!! what is up with the horrible, nightmarish spelling seriously, WTF???!!!

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