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(Trans)Warp Speed


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Does anyone know of a link to the theory in Warp & Trans warp technology. How fast is warp 1 and how is trans warp graded? 1,2,3.. up to....???? and how fast is trans warp 1???

How are the shields generated? How does cloaking technology (theory) work???

Is it only me, or is the FAQ rather sparse??? Maybe I should just ask NASA :)

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Warp 1 is light speed. As for warp 2 and up, check the post before yours (Star Trek & Physics weekly) to see the whole speed list.

Transwarp involves just one speed. It uses gravitons (I think) to make a subspace "tunnel" or "conduit".

Sheilds are projected by the deflector dish. I believe that the cloaking devices are emitted uses the deflector as well but is generated by its own device. Cloaking devices utilize tachyons.


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the speed of warp is 1x faster then the speed of light and so on


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Cloak would work with a vast array of outer environment holo-repeaters. Contact me to learn more about holo repeater tech.

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