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Will there be another Series


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I dislike Enterprise with Scott Bacula very much and was wondering if anyone else thinks there should be another series started based in the future? and please this is a serious inquery!


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I was thinking the 29th century with the Timefleet. That or the 24th with the DTI and their involvment in time travel.


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I dislike Enterprise too. The characters and dialogue are too childish, especially compared with the other Treks. But a lot of folks seem to like it, so I don’t know... I would love to see a new Trek series; I don’t care what "time" it takes place in as long as the characters act like adults. I try to imagine Picard acting like Archer, or Riker acting like Trip and I just have to shake my head.


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Scott Bacula is just a weak actor. Unfortunately everything centers around his lame performances.... They should do a series with Sulu as captain. I always though George Takei was underrated....


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Scott Bacula is just a weak actor. Unfortunately everything centers around his lame performances.... They should do a series with Sulu as captain. I always thought George Takei was underrated....


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Yes, I mean, The captain’s name is suppose to be april,I can live with the vulcan officer, but the rest?


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Personally, I think Enterprise is doing very well so far, most of the different series (TNG, DS9 and Voyager) all started out slow and some of those early episodes were not all that great, it took time to develop characters and the writers to get a feel for everything i suppose. I think its WAY to early to count Enterprise out, I liked most of the new episodes, especially the last one, Shadows of P’jem. First episode to really tie episodes together and recurring characters (i.e. Andorians).



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I totally agree with you on that.


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I have seen all the first episodes of every series, when they first aired. Believe me, every one of them started out sorts tentative. They weren’t that great. So I’m sure Enterprise will do fine, if we give it a chance. An odd thing; if you view the first episodes later on, it doesn’t seem so bad. This perception of the first ones being "not too great" may be caused by the viewers perception, rather than the actual story or performance. It’s new to the viewer so it’s not quite accepted, and perceived as not too good. ( for thought!)


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I like Enterprise well enough, mostly because it’s Star Trek. I do like most of the characters, especially the Vulcan. Vulcans rock! Anyway I hope the next series (and there better be a next series!) will be MUCH better.


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I haven’t seen any Enterprise episodes but I couldn’t agree more as far as the other pilots go. Next Gen’s Farpoint caper was massivly cheesy and it really wasn’t till Best of Both Worlds in season three till Next Gen really started to roll. Of all the pilots I have to say Voyager’s caretaker is the only one I can still watch now and really enjoy watching. It really does take time for the viewer to adapt to the new style of a series so I am looking forward to seeing Dr. Samuel Beckett’s adventures on the NX-01. As food for thought your average run of the mill voyager episode is remarkably more complex than your average next gen episode. The Viewer is gettng used to more and more little sub plots and more sophisticated story lines so maybe early judgement of Enterprise is a tad harsh.


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Maybe,Paramount has been talking to the the first real crew. it will be a take off on the magnificent seven. Capt. kirk wants to help an old friend of his, on another planit.He calls on his old crew members to help him. He talks to the volcan, Scotty, sulu,chekof and LT. Galloway.They do this out of uniform.They are doing this all on there own.they wont have the federation to back them up. They like the fill of being back in the action again, so they continue helping people in need.Not being part of the federatiom forces gives them alot more fredom to do what they want. they even dress a little weird. You can see the potential in this.Lets hope they do it.They have all agreed to it except Bill.Hes not sure if he wants to do a series again.
Lets keep our fingers crossed.

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