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Who would win, Star Destroyer or Enterprise E? I think the Enterprise would woop it’s butt. The first reason, SD’s have pittly little turbolasers, the Enterprise has phasers that are like 100 time more powerful. Secondly, SD’s only have deflector sheilds, Enterprise has multi-phasic shields. Thirdly, SD’s don’t have any torpedo type weapons (I think), the Enterprise has photon and quantum torpedoes.


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No more Star Trek/Star Wars topics, pleeeeeeease???


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I agree, it’s like trying to get two parallel line to intersect, they are both in different timeframes and different places its quite stupid. It’s like saying lets take medieval technology and have it fight modarn day.


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I actually got from the Internet a novel in which the two galaxies connect through some quantum...temporal...thingy.


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1. Star Destroyer is...what, twice the length.

2. Your assumption concerning the SD’s "pittly little turbolasers" is typical of a Trekkie.
Please stop by
for the information I am about to quote.

About Phasers:
Their phasers appear to induce some kind of chain reaction in matter. Against shields, they seem to be tactically equivalent to lasers in the range of 30,000 TW (7 megatons per second). Against dense armour, their effectiveness is much lower, in the 1-10TW range (1 kiloton per second). A typical starship has only a handful of phaser arrays.

About Turbolasers:
Heavy turbolasers release many gigatons of energy per shot, while light turbolasers release dozens of megatons of energy per shot. A Star Destroyer carries more than a hundred light turbolasers and dozens of heavy turbolasers. The Death Star (a massive compound turbolaser) releases more energy than the Sun produces in over seven thousand years! We also have ion cannon technology, which they lack.

3. SD’s do NOT just have deflector shields. A SW ship’s shielding system consists of 2 seperate forms of shielding:
Ray shielding protects from energy attacks.
Particle shielding is protection from physical matter.

4. Your comment about torpedo weapons (you don’t THINK SDs have any) shows your ignorance on the matter.


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I agree with that.


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Typical Star Wars *ss hole. If you love your precious Star Wars so much, and dislike Trek, why did you take the time to sign onto a Trek message board?


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I forgot to mention that if you actually watch Trek (TNG) you would find out about the difference between lasers and phasers. Also, how the helll would you know how much energy is released from phasers/turbolasers!? And another thing, I’m not ignorant. I know that the Millenium Falcon has torpedoes but I’ve never seen a SD use any.

p.s. don’t go waving your Star Wars flag around in the Star Trek camp or you’ll likely be shot.


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’scuse my light use of the word, but that is the most gay thing i have ever heard.


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I speak as a Star Trek fan, I also speak as someone who has a great of experience in this debate, if not in the area of hard calculations, then in observed behaviour of the ships and weaponry of the two shows.

A simple fact of the Empire is that it spans a galaxy. It has the FTL drive capable of allowing it’s ships quicly across it’s galaxy, covering distances that take Federation ships years in a few days or weeks. The Empire has the resources of an entire galaxy, and has demonstrated remarkable construction ability, building enough forces to hold a galaxy, as well as the 120’000m in diametre Death Star, a feat well beyond Federation engineering. Simple observed facts.


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I wasn’t going to comment on it but...
If you have to resort to swearing and insults, you obviously aren’t so comfortable with your stance.

1. I have never said I dislike ST. I watch every week.
2a. I signed on so I could post my comments like anyone else.
2b. Because I knew there would be ST vs SW threads, and I love proving that SW is better.

Just remember this:
The popularity of Star Wars convinced the ST people to start making the movies.


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lol. This is a good one ROTFL.

Enterprise E would get SWAMPED.

As for your statments of trek’s superiorty I could quite easily tear most of them apart so I’ll deal with the more stupid ones first.

Quoted from mister BeoWolf

"SD’s have pittly little turbolasers, the Enterprise has phasers that are like 100 time more powerful"

Any evidence for this opnion? Lets see, nope. Lets see, Turbolasers have been seen blowing apart fircking huge asteriods. Phasers have been seen doing... didly (what the, censored boards? my god...).

Beowolf which novel? hopefully not the one at Kennedy’s site that has a galaxy runing amoic a mid a fleet of ISDs...

Ok..... myth #1

Tubrolasers are lasers.

Rebuttal. Turbolasers do not move at the speed of light, they can be seen in the vacum and their energy sure as hell is not directed in one direction.

Myth #2

Turbolasers are Weak

See Empire Strikes, light turbo lasers blowing up asteriods, nuf said.

Myth #3

Hyperdrive is slow

In fact is orders of magnitude faster than Warp. Darth Maul crossed the galaxy in 2 days (at most). Voyager takes 72 to years to go across half of it. ’nuf said.


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Everyone, please...Calm down....

I am a fan of both Star Trek and Star Wars. Please, lets get along, EMBRACE the inner geek. We can be passionate about both of Trek and Star wars.

....Besides....everyone knows that the TCS Midway, from Wing Commander could wipe out all of Star Fleet as well as the Empire AND the Rebel Alliance. (JUST KIDDING)


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come on. cant we all just get along...............


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Thanks. I intended to post similar remarks right now. I would have last night, after my other post, but it appeared a server went down about 8:45 or so. Kept getting an Error 404 when i tried to reply.


If you jump down a few threads to one entitled "Who would win in War", I have posted more proof about th SW superiority, and I did it a day or two before this thread even started.

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